Blogmas is here, yes I'm doing it. I really ummed and ahhed about it for quite some time, but given that I absolutely adore this time of year and could really talk about it for the rest of the year, then why not push all that into one months worth of blog posts. I'm kicking Blogmas off (yes I'm using a capital for Blogmas as I'm marking it a national holiday) with just a little natter, it's rare I do posts that don't really have an aim or purpose - but here I am just munching merrily on my starburst at almost one in the morning thinking of how I can portray my Christmas excitement without it looking like festive word vomit. I guess I'm trying to make Christmas as special as possible this year for a few reasons; it's the first Christmas Noah truly understands, and I don't mean he understands he gets presents oh no, he really knows that he must be a good boy because a jolly fellow with a beard is going to use a magic key to bring him all of the toys he so desperately wants. (We'll pretend that doesn't sound as creepy as it does). He totally gets every aspect, he see's toys he wants in shops and remarks that 'I'll put that one on my list for Santa Mummy?', so I really want to blow his socks of with magic this year. Secondly, I'm on maternity leave, something I wont be next year, I'll be back at work and although I do get the week between Christmas and New Year off paid, it's never enough and I'll kick myself if I haven't made the most of this year.

So what do I plan to get up to in December? Well, I'm hoping I'll have all of my Christmas shopping complete by the second week. Noah has his birthday on the 8th so ideally before that. I'd also like the tree up at 00.01 today but I feel if we do that it might distract a little from Noah turning 3 and I definitely don't want that. Speaking of trees' we only bought new decorations for ours last year, we wen't for a rose gold theme and I already want to swap it all up for silver. I think I might do just that and donate our decs to my Nan, she's still rocking some old school 1999 ones so I think she'll appreciate the gesture. I still desperately need to clear out through Noahs toys, put the ones in the loft that are in good condition - which if I'm honest is most as he likes what he likes and will often just play with the same stuff, ready for the influx of new things. You may have read in my Festive Bucket List that I want to have a wrapping and boxset night, but I might make this a weekly thing. Every Friday night, we get a bottle of something fizzy and wrap presents together, although I can most definitely see this ended in squabble as I am shocking at wrapping presents, John on the other hand is like someone who just rolled straight out of elf school and wraps with precision (but my god does he take forever) so I shall update you on whether my wrap nights end in disaster (Definitely will).

So this has begun, it's bloody Blogmas and I cannot wait to have new content every day for you! Hope you enjoy.

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