BLOGMAS #23 | Enjoying A #Sleepie Baby

I'm sure I am not alone in thinking that the newborn and baby phase goes by in such a flash you wonder if you ever actually experienced them? I certainly felt that way when Noah reached one, I couldn't believe how far we had gotten, so quickly. When I fell pregnant with Patrick I was certain I wouldn't let the same happen, I'm not exactly a time lord so it was going to be a bit tricky, but I wanted to really take in every moment, not rush him and wish away his days. It's easy when all the other mums around you have a rolling or sitting baby, to wish that your little one was doing the same, but I found that before I knew it my baby was and I wished they were back being a snuggly newborn again - something they definitely couldn't do again.
Waterwipes recently carried out some research that showed 'When baby fell asleep on me' as one of the most special and favourite moments, voted for by parents and I agree. There is something so incredibly satisfying than knowing your baby felt comforted by you, enough for them to fall asleep in your arms. Waterwipes want to encourage new mums to enjoy that moment, we know especially around this time of year there is SO much to be done, presents to wrap, cards to write and shopping to be done, but just sit back and enjoy that #sleepie lap nap. They don't last long (don't we know it) so really do try to take that moment in for what it is, because trust me, as an owner of an independent three year old also, you will not be getting it back - a cuddle lasting more than a second with a threenager is rarer than a sunny April day.

(My first ever lap nap and hold since birth, of a three day old Patrick)

I do feel like I learnt to appreciate the lap nap well with Patrick, obviously he was in NICU for 7 days of his life, plus another 6 days at five weeks old - yes we had a rough start. But there wasn't any distractions, no visitors just 'popping by' (no more than 2 were allowed and had to be agreed by us), no television, and even no mobile calls, it sounds a struggle in the modern world we live in. But it was just what I needed, unlimited hours to sit and bond with my baby, rest him upon my chest and feel so unbelievably grateful we could do that even if it was often negotiated around wires.

Now, lap naps are very sweet, comforting and just down right adorable. But what isn't so adorable is if baby becomes a little bit attached to falling asleep on your tum, yes I was guilty of this but who cares - they're only young once right? Negotiating a baby from sleeping in the arms to sleeping in their Moses basket without a stir is about as tricky as transferring a tired toddler from the car to bed without a tantrum, but being a Mum of two now I've had my fair share of practice. A few tips I have leaned along the way;

  1. Warm their bed with a hot water bottle. Yes we don't always have time if it is a spontaneous nap. But when you know you're wanting to get them down at seven, try popping a hot water bottle on their bed from 6:30, that way, they don't get disturbed from the lack of body heat they received whilst they snoozed next to you. Please though, remove this once baby is about to go down and always check that their bed isn't too hot beforehand.
  2. Fold a towel in a horseshoe around their basket. For the baby that just hates being in such an open space and out of those cosy tight arms, roll a bath towel up into a tube shape, and simply bend it around the bottom of the Moses basket creating a little horseshoe around the edge. Then pop baby in the middle, this helps trick baby into still thinking they are in your arms. Works wonders for keeping them asleep and one we used constantly with Noah.
  3. Lastly, White noise. The trick is to start this before you put baby down, as it not only hides any noises such as a creaky couch or bed as you being to make the 'put down' maneouver but it also creates a constant for them. Keep the noise playing once baby is down, and hopefully they'll be lulled by the same noise, into thinking nothing has changed (mwahah!)
I hope these little tips have helped, I'll be sharing my #sleepie naps on Instagram over the festive period, as not only do I intend to use the lap nap as an excuse not to do the washing up, but I really want to cherish every last moment of them. My baby wont be a baby for much longer and I'm all too aware of that.

*This is a collaborative post 

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