BLOGMAS #11 | Comparing Siblings

As a Mum of two, two crazy boys but also two very different boys, I find it a bit, well, annoying if I'm honest when people compare my sons. Don't get me wrong, I've done it myself, especially with milestones as obviously I only have my experience with Noah to judge P off. But if working in childcare has shown me one thing, it's that children are completely different, they grow and learn at different rates and at the end of the day they can grow to be extremely similar even if their journeys have been miles apart.

Quite often I hear 'Oooo he isn't like his brother is he', now this could be in reference to P being clingier than Noah was, or a little more reserved, but it's almost always used negatively - something I really detest. What I want to do is yell, 'Of course he isn't like his brother, they're completely different human beings'. You only have to look at me and my siblings (I have 3) to see the vast difference between us all as adults now, yet somehow it's seemed a shock if children don't follow the same pattern as their brothers or sisters.

My boys are very different, yet very the same. Patrick has striking blue eyes, yet Noahs are big brown conkers. I can already tell P is going to be a bit stroppier than Noah ever was, yet Patrick has been a much better sleeper than I could of imagined after his big brother. However they both love their grub, they're easy to please and it really doesn't take much to get a huge belly laugh from either of them. It truly doesn't matter to me if my boys are chalk and cheese or two peas in a pod, I'll love them both equally for who they are, Patrick and Noah.


  1. Totally agree. You really can't compare siblings. My friends two little girls are polar opposites in terms of personality, the second girl being very clingy and a terrible sleeper, but also a faster learner! At the end of the day ot doesn't really matter either. Myself and my sisters are very different too, even as kids, but we love each other and that's all that counts!!

    Rachel //

  2. Having just had a second daughter I am interested to see both the similarities and differences in them as they grow older. I must admit, I kinda hope they are very different - hopefully that will mean less bickering over clothes and boys. ;) Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. They're both their own little person but I can imagine it's quite cute too when they have some similarities especially if you can also see it in one of their parents! 💙
    Glossy Boutique

  4. You really can't compare siblings, like you say they could be chalk and cheese but at the end of the day what matters is they love each other :)

    Lucie 💙 |