BLOGMAS #19 | What To Pop On Your Shopping List This Christmas

I feel like every single year, something is always forgotten or you don't have enough of, and there is mad dash to the shops on Christmas Eve, or a frantic search for some form of petrol station that might be open and sell what you're looking for. One way to combat doing this is to make sure firstly you have a shopping list, and you've checked it twice, no pun intended. Growing up one of the very things I remember is almost yearly my Dad having to mooch up to our local Petrol station which luckily was probably only a mile and a half, to buy batteries. So that brings me to my first thing.

Batteries - It's incredibly frustrating when you buy your little one the latest all sounds and lights toy, to find you have to search out a screwdriver and pray you have the right batteries. Save yourself the trouble and worry and stock up on quite a few, in a variety of sizes. They're never going to go to waste and you'll find something that requires them at some point.

Tin Foil - Something my Mum always seems to run out of whenever we're all over for Sunday Dinner. At Christmas you use so much of it, even it it's just to wrap food up in or cover over. Definitely grab an extra roll as again, you really won't find it lurking at the back of the cupboards for months going unused.

Cellotape - Yes I made this mistake last year, stocked up on rolls after rolls of wrapping paper, I was even thrifty enough to grab some super cheap rolls in the sales for this year. However I did forget to get any more cellotape, which was fine as we had a full roll. But taking turns with that when both me and John were trying to wrap was a bit of a pain in the bum. I sure as hell am not risking it this year and have somehow managed to end up with four rolls.

A Gift Card - A simple gift card for somewhere everyone loves, or perhaps the Love 2 Shop vouchers that can be spent anywhere, is seriously handy to have in. It stops the fret in case a present you ordered isn't right, doesn't arrive or if you realise too last minute you forgot someone. It's easy enough to pop in a Christmas card and either send away or slip under their tree and nobody will be none the wiser.

Some bottles of fizz - Whether you drink or not, I think it's always polite this time of year to switch offering a cup of tea to 'Would you like anything a bit stronger'. Usually people are on wind down mode and if you're having people come to visit, it's always worth buying a couple of bottles more than you think you'll need, nothing is worse than running out.

Is there anything you have forgotten for the big day?


  1. Ah your posts always seem to come at the right time for me! I was thinking today I need to write my shopping list for Thursday's food/Christmas week shop 😊 Got AA and AAA batteries but think I better get some of those rectangle ones too lol x

  2. These are some great things! I must stock up on some batteries today haha! Believe it or not last year we run out of wrapping paper and on Christmas Eve we drove to 4 shops and they had none it was a disaster!xx

  3. I'm braving the Christmas shop on Tuesday! So great post :) were lucky with batteries as my partner has built up quite the stash! But must remind him to get some more in case! ox

    Amy | The Smallest Of Things

  4. This so great, I never make a list and always findin myself havin to pop out! Thanks for the reminder.