Patricks Birth Story Part 1

On the 6th of June I was scheduled for an induction of labour, due to a pprom (see that post here) and I was honestly glad I was being induced again, as I was with Noah, completely different circumstances mind you as he was overdue but it was familiar and I felt I knew what I was dealing with. So at 3pm that day, John, my mum and myself arrived to Kingsmill Hospital as instructed to do so, naively thinking when we left that hospital it would be with a baby in our arms. How wrong we could be.

Mum Guilt

Mum guilt, something that exists even before your child is born, maybe because you ate something 'forbidden' to pregnant ladies or because you haven't thought about that growing bump all day, Mum guilt never, ever, ever goes away and I can certainly say it definitely multiplies when your family does. And I felt the full force of it, when one of my babies was extremely poorly and I was torn between both of my sons.