I can't believe this will be my last post before the big day, we're just three sleeps away now and it still feels as though Christmas has completely jumped upon us. I had already really logged off for my Christmas break so to speak but I couldn't resist having one last festive post before I did, and what is better to end with than what we pop in our Christmas Eve box? I posted last years and it feels a little right of passage for me now, so here's what is going in this years. I try to include a bit of everything without going overboard as of course they're getting lots just the next day. However this year we are being a bit cheeky and the boys will get their basket on Christmas-eve-eve as we're busy on Christmas Eve itself as my parents, and it would go to waste otherwise.


Elf on the shelf is very marmite isn't it? If you're not sure what I'm talking about, then it's a fairly common tradition now, that seems to be picking up more popularity year after year. A little elf visits your house usually on the first of December, right the way through up until Christmas eve when he flies back to the North Pole to let Santa know whether the little ones have deserved a place on the nice list. Of course during those few weeks it's entirely up to you how you use the elf, so many just have him watching carefully, others make him get up to naughty tricks which there are plenty of inspiration on Instagram. We're an Elf household, we love it, it works fantastic and I can't see the harm in a little bit of extra Christmas magic during December. But I know that as much as we love it, there are so many out there that really don't see the point, they don't quite 'get it' or simply think it's a waste of time.


I've always found toddlers amongst some of the easiest to buy for, they have usually discovered their favourite television character by this point and so that's always a sure fire way to go. Toddlers are usually sectioned off on most websites for gifts, and even if you aim a bit older or younger - you're still probably going to get it right. Let's face it, they are easily pleased. My very own toddler is two and a half, and whilst the term 'toddler' doesn't seem so fitting when he can give Usain Bolt a run for his money (especially when you've got your hands full and he makes a dash for it in Asda - thanks Pip) he is most definitely fitting in the toddler category and I just know he'd love all of these gifts.


We're within touching distance now of the end of the first term of school for Noah and whilst it's gone so fast, it also feels like he's always been there and this has forever been our routine. I would love to sit here and be able to portray what I'm sure many would deem a more 'real' version of motherhood and say we've struggled through, finding it difficult, but that's pretty far from the truth and I couldn't be prouder of Noah and how he's taken to school life. I know that isn't the case for so many and I'm pretty confident there will be times between both boys in which we'll really struggle with school life but for now things are running pretty smoothly so I'm feeling incredibly grateful that I'm able to say that.


My eldest has just turned five and I'm finding the older they get the smaller the presents come yet the price tag increases somewhat, so I've tried to create a guide that's not going to break the bank and will appeal to both boys and girls. I'm focusing on the age range from three to six and hopefully there is something for everyone.