BLOGMAS #14 | Patrick You're Six Months!

Six months used to feel such a long time to me, when I was 12 weeks pregnant I couldn't begin to think about your birth, it seemed a lifetime away, yet six months of you being with us has gone by in the blink of an eye. It's cliche, but I can't remember what it was like not to have you around, maybe that's to do with the sleep delirium though. I can now see your character really taking shape and I fear for us a little as I am sure you're going to be a bit of a diva, but under the strops and teething tantrums, you are wholeheartedly a Mummys boy, and I completely love it.

I think the jump for 5-7 months is a big one, so much happens and a lot changes. You're already sitting, not confidently enough I'd leave you without a cushion as god forbid you get your sass pants on and push backwards, we don't fancy visiting the hospital with you. You adore being able to see the world from that new view, you're preoccupied for longer as you're able to see and do more which is so lovely to see. Sleeping is ok, I say ok with bated breath as you are currently struck with a cough and when combined with teething, you really aren't the happiest boy right now. But it's a fleeting stage and I'll have my cuddly little lump back in no time I'm certain. Teething is STILL absolutely destroying you, we soak bib after bib and you don't manage a day without teething gel lately, though I think we wont have any toothy pegs till around 8 months. Weaning is in full swing and you are loving your purees, I gave up on the porridge or baby rice as it just wasn't as flavoursome as you needed, you're much preferring Mummys homemade purees which gives me so much satisfaction.

This month I'm hoping to really get you into a daytime nap routine, you're almost there as consistently you save your larger (by larger I mean one that lasts more than 6 minutes) nap for the afternoon, which works well. Though you do try to cat nap here and there if you can, taking 20 minutes to settle for a four minute nap, it's not ideal but if it's what you need, I'm happy to oblige. You're brother is your number one, okay, number two, you are obsessed with me. But you cannot take your eyes off Noah when he's around, reaching for him, laughing, smiling, kicking your legs in excitement when he comes near, I can tell you two are going to be very close and it's something I can't wait to watch happen over the years.

It feels like months are passing by like minutes at the moment and I can't wait to see what the next month together brings.


  1. Aww such a sweet post, they are literally the best adventurers at this age and it just goes by so quickly. What a cutie he is.


  2. Can't believe our boys are 6 months already!!! It's kind of insane!!!

    Rachel //

  3. Ha made me laugh about his sass pants! I wish there was a pause button to stop all these babies growing so quick :| ox

    Amy |

  4. This is such a lovely post! It goes so quick doesn't it yet your pregnancy seems to last a lifetime! I hope the teething eases for him soon, its so awful to see them in pain isn't it!x

  5. I feel like it was five minutes ago when he was born! Crazy how fast it goes. Bear is 7 months and we're not in a daytime nap routine at all. Well, I know when he wants to sleep, it's just not for very long! X