BLOGMAS #22 | Christmas Snuggles

Getting all snugly and cosy is a must in Winter, everywhere is a bit colder and we all to be as toasty as possible. Recently I'd also been having a few issues with Patrick and a habit he had, he was suddenly really flailing his arms around at sleep time, particularly his right hand, trying to grab onto anything and everything. It was frustrating for both me and him and nothing was really working unless I let him wrap his hand around my finger, which obviously I can't do all the time. My wonderful friend Mandy suggested trying him with a comforter - perfect as we'd literally just received this cute little bundle from toTs.

The set included one of the softest comforters that Patrick instantly took to when I gave it too him, it was just right as muslins which we'd previously let him grab onto, just weren't thick enough for him. This little bunny's ears were great for him, and for the first night in three, he held onto it and slept through till morning again. - Yay, I had my sleeping baby back. I also felt a bit bad, because like I said earlier, who doesn't love to snuggle up at night when it's a little chilly out, and I think Patrick had been missing that snug feeling so I'm glad timing was perfect and he now gets comfort too. So, onto problem number two, something I rarely talk about is Ps absolute hatred for baths, we limit them to twice a week for him as he truly get's so distressed and screams, I do worry not only what the neighbours will think, but about his lungs with the excessive crying, as you may know he had problems when he was born. One of the added insults was that after bath time Patrick would NOT calm down, he'd be frantic through drying and dressing, all the way till his bottle downstairs. When he'd exhaustively spark out for the night. It is a bit of an ordeal for everyone involved yes. Particularly when the only time I got him calm, Noah decided to poo IN the bath. Dear god, I must have been a ***** in a past life.

Anyway, back to the towel, which is the other part of the package, not just any towel, but a seriously adorable bunny one. Yes it enables my love of dressing my children up as wildlife animals, but who cares, it's so cute. After bath time, I was pretty damn impressed that it was SO much bigger than many baby bath towels, I'm sure most of them only think with a newborn in mind, but not toTs, this has so much growing room in it for Patrick, I could easily use it for Noah too. It also meant that after his bath, Patrick had so much extra material to chomp his teething gums on that he forgot what he was upset about and calmed down - absolute win. Now yes, it clearly isn't designed as a teething toy, but if my son is going to create a new purpose that keeps him quite, I shall not complain. Overall I was pretty damn impressed with toTs as it didn't just solve a problem I was having, it solved two. I shall definitely keep you posted on how we get on with the comforter, as if it carries on being such a firm favourite, I most definitely shall be purchasing a couple.

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