BLOGMAS #25 | I Survived Blogmas!!!

Am I allowed to start this post off saying THANK GOD. Blogmas is hard, I won't even sugar coat it, it's been really tough but I'm so proud of myself for pushing through and managing to get a post up, at midnight, every single day of the month so far. I'm also pretty impressed that I've promoted all my posts enough, that my stats have almost doubled this month, I truly thought they would flop in front of my face. I think doing blogmas has shown me I really do enjoy blogging, I'm not here for the freebies and the PR relationships, I'm here because I love writing and nattering away to you then continuing the conversation when you read my posts and interact. I've seen so many bloggers up and quit when the going is tough or others are receiving things they're not, and that's truly not what this is about. If you're having fomo then push yourself harder. That was my motto this month, I knew blogmas would run me near into the ground with a toddler and a baby, but I pushed through and I'm glad because it did give me that clarity. I do love blogging.
But blogmas is done for another year, I'm hoping next year I might manage vlogmas, but we shall see as I'll be back at work so life might be pretty mundane day to day. My blog shall be a place to house tumbleweeds over the next week, as I am taking a much needed break. As I said blogmas did near break me and after sitting up for many nights till the early hours, then waking with two boys at six, I think I deserve a rest - plus it's some rare time off for John and us as family of four so I truly want to soak all of that up. I hope by now if you've even caught a glimpse of my posts this month you'll understand my love for Christmas, I shall not take it for granted that it shall all be over in a matter of days so you'll certainly see a little less of me on social too. If you do want to see what we're getting up to though in some snapshots, I'll more than likely share some clips over on my Instagram stories, so come and say hello, it's probably my favourite way to interact now and I'm addicted to watching others.

So it's goodbye till 2017. Thanks for all your support this year since I've been back in the game. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year, and make sure you come and check out what's going on over here in the new year as we have some very exciting things coming up!!

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