BLOGMAS #9 | Childrens Gift Guide

I'm really loving creating gift guides this year, and as they're rapidly becoming some of my most popular posts, I thought I would create one for the older children in your life. I think as children get older, the toy selection becomes vast, there are so many different things they can be into, hobbies they love and just things they generally would enjoy. They're basically, a lot harder to buy for. Buying for a 12 year old would terrify me way more than for a 2 year old. Hopefully if anyone out there gets the buy fright like me, you'll find something to love here.

Walky Talkies - This screamed kind of 4-7 year olds, walky talkies I don't think will ever not be a popular choice. They're an incredibly safe, non-phone version of a phone, which can make little ones feel a little more grown up.

Design a mug - I think these are pretty cool for the artsy child out there, the pen is completely washable so no design is permanent, which is almost like the gift that keeps giving isn't it? If you get bored with your first doodle, just wash and go again. Would be pretty cool to give to someone with a little message already wrote on.

Hairlights - Teen me would be begging for these. I was never allowed to get anything done to my hair till I was 16, I think my mum once let me have the tiniest highlights she did herself, you really couldn't see them once my hair was washed. But had these fabulous chalk highlights been around, they would have got the seal of approval. They wash out, so you don't risk any trouble at school, whilst still being a little rebellious.

Height Chart - My brother actually selected this from Wicked Uncle for Noah, and we have totally loved it. Each month we mark his height, and not only is it great for him to see he's as tall as a Lion, but it gave me and John a little giggle when we noticed he was the size of a troll, quite apt for his behaviour that month.

Disco lights - This brought me straight back to my childhood when I vividly remember having a glitterbabes disco ball, I'd turn all the lights off and have a mini party with my next door neighbour. Ahhh the good old days. I can't see this one going wrong, it even lights in team with the beat if you're playing music alongside.

Create you're own perfume - Again, I had a glitterbabes set just like this as a child and loved it, I think I used it all up within 3 days after getting it for Christmas one year. It's ideal for the tween that's just beginning to get into beauty, but you don't really want to go out there and spend on big fragrances, plus it's always going to be totally bespoke if they're making it themselves.

Diary - I LOVE the idea of these diaries, they're so interactive with specific things you must do on every page. In the style of the 'wreck this journal' books, I cannot see any teen girl being disappointed with this.


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