Since having babies my hair just isn't what it was. I'm well out of the postpartum period now, with a three and five year old but still my hair just wont be the same again, it's something I'd more or less accepted. After all I was never really having the time to put in as much effort into anything to do with myself as I was before, my make up routine was something more slapdash that I could rush into the five minutes while the boys ate breakfast and my hair was filled with more dry shampoo than I'd care to admit. But now my two are older, I really am wanting to put a bit more effort in, I do have more time and I want it to be reflected in how I look.


Ever since I was younger I've always had on and off flare ups of bad skin, weirdly enough I've never been someone who suffered with spots or acne, I'm not allergic to anything and my skin generally doesn't react badly to any products, it's pretty tough. However I remember as a child have psoriasis at times little patches, usually on my elbows or scalp, it could have been eczema but as I was a little one I only ever went off what my parents told me, as I'm sure they were given the diagnosis by a doctor. Even having two children and with hormones being awry, I never had any kind of flare up, only now at a time when nothing is changing and life is super relaxed, does my skin go absolutely crazy.


I'll be honest, cleaning isn't my forte, If we had the budget for a cleaner then I'd be investing for sure, there really isn't much that gets me excited about wanting to clean my house apart from obviously the results. However I am a sucker for a good product, we all have those go-to's that make the mundane tasks that little bit more enjoyable, I have laundry detergent I love, fabric softener I couldn't live without etc. But I didn't really have any specific cleaning products in terms of windows, sides, sinks, that got me excited or raring to go, that was until I discovered Alkimi. I'm pretty brand loyal and I stick with what I'm getting good results from, so after giving Alkimi cleaning products a solid month of testing, I could rest happy knowing how many boxes they ticked before talking about them here.


If you caught my post a few weeks ago, I spoke about how Noahs room really needed a refresh and update. He hasn't had anything more than a few new trinkets and a new bed added, since he moved into the room when he was two and a half, it was all very much dated and toddler-esqe. But my big boy is exactly that, a big boy (contradictory I know given the title of this post, but he'll always be a little boy in my heart) and he needed a switch up to reflect that in his own little space in our house. When it came to having a little revamp, I knew a few brands that were going to be a must to make his room that extra bit special, and of course, first to my mind was Desenio, a brand we've worked with on numerous occasions before and who can really brighten up any room in your home.


Halloween is just around the corner, crazy really as it still feels like we're in the midst of summer in my head. Alas, we're not, and before we know it we'll be really into the festive season. But first, all Hallows Eve. In the UK we really don't celebrate it all that much, sure we have pumpkin picking now which is more and more popular every single year, but compared to the USA and Canada, it's on the smaller side of the celebration scale. There are quiet a lot of traditions that come with Halloween though, with trick or treating being probably the most commonly associated, however for us it's really not something I can ever see me taking our little ones to do. Even though I grew up doing it, I loved it so much, I just feel so differently now I'm a parent myself and so I thought I'd talk about why.


In a word, no. I get asked about having a third baby probably more than I get asked how my day has been, I'm pretty sure every single parent gets these questions, even those who are yet to have kids wont be immune to the 'when are you going to have...' quizzes. Boy does it drive me crazy. While I'm pretty used to it, and have canned responses, it doesn't really get any less invasive and as someone who really wouldn't ask those questions herself, I find it really odd to be constantly questioned on if I'm going to expand my brood. Somehow I feel as though if I had one of each gender, this wouldn't arise so much but regardless of my current family make up, I and more importantly we, are very confident in the decision we don't want another baby.