Why We Bottle Feed Our Boys

I think when you become a parent, which is from the second you see those lines on the the test - you're bombarded with pressure and advice. What you should and shouldn't do, what's right and wrong, what will hinder or help your children. I find this is more prominent than ever when it comes to breast v bottle and it can be really difficult to see through the feeding fog.

A Very Child Friendly Restaurant - Thaikhun*

Recently we were invited to a really fabulous Thai Restaurant called Thaikhun, They've got a few branches across the UK, from Aberdeen all the way down to Guildford, we visited the Nottingham Restaurant, specifically to sample their brand new children's menu. As lovers of Thai food, but often skipping past any such restaurants due to the lack of options for Noah, we were really looking forward to seeing what they had up their sleeve.

Childs Farm Brand Ambassador

We're absolutely thrilled to say we're working with Childs Farm as a Brand Ambassador. Since having Patrick, who has extremely sensitive skin, we were on the hunt almost immediately for something to help nourish but also combat his skin troubles, and for us Childs Farm did exactly that. So we couldn't be more excited to be working alongside them.

How My Toddler Has Coped Being A Brother

I think any parents worry when they're thinking about extending their family, is how will everyone adjust? Most importantly, the children you already have. For us in this case, it was Noah and we were worried. Would he feel pushed out, upset or jealous? Or would he be caring, kind and excited. I left it a good two months before writing this post, so I could fully see how he is managing, and here I'm going to talk all about it.

Should my child use a dummy?

The dummy debate is one that is rife between any kind of Mummy community, there are so many views on what the advantages and disadvantages are and I truly feel as though sometimes using a pacifier for your child is frowned upon - which is absolutely ridiculous. I'm such a firm believe in whatever works for you and your child is the right thing. If you are all happy, then it is ok

What Does Brexit Mean For My Children?

Anyone who is anyone will know about the United Kingdoms decision to leave the European Union aka. Brexit, that has took the UK (and even world I believe) by storm, and my goodness what a storm it's been. A storm of lots of opinions, tempers, anger, elation and just about every other emotion you can imagine. I had so many feelings about the whole saga myself, I decided to write them down.

My Toilet Training Essentials.

We toilet trained Noah just before he turned 2, and it definitely wasn't easy. He'll still occasionally have accidents, but he has done really well and is able to completely go to the potty himself now, although he will try to make you help him pull his trousers up or down if they're tricky. So I thought I'd share my top tips and essentials to potty training, as let's face it, it's something every parent has to battle through.