The number of people working from home has increased rapidly over the past few years, is it any wonder with the extensive digital industry we now have? While this is an attractive option for many of us, it has it's fair share of downsides as well. One of the main issues I've found is you can quite often struggle to find the same sense of purpose working out of the house, as you do in a more traditional environment. Not only can a lot of people suffer from loneliness, but there is a myriad of distractions too. So, here are a few top tips to help with increasing the sense purpose that working from home gives you.


Peppa Pig, what household with children doesn't know the familiar theme tune or can't recite 'flying high, in the sky' off the top of their heads? Certainly we do here. Noah never really had his head turned by Peppa, but Patrick is another story and his is well and truly spun. That being said we don't actually have many of the Peppa toys at home so when the chance came to check out the laugh and learn laptop, we took it with both hands.


Since Patrick turned two, and truthfully the months leading up to his second birthday, I wondered when he'd start nursery again. We took him out in December last year once I began to work from home and it was probably one of the best choices we made, for a dozen reasons, but knowing when to put him back in hasn't been such an easy choice. It's actually a playgroup we're uhming and ahhing over, and it doesn't accept little ones till they turn two, hence the wait - but yet I've found myself almost three months after his second birthday and I still haven't filled in the registration form.


Working in nurseries for over five years, it's rare that I wont have seen most toys in some variation before. Of course with that, toys fall into ones that I think are fantastic, and ones that aren't so much. Stickle Bricks have always fallen into the former category, yet for some reason we've never owned any at home ourselves, so when the opportunity came around to test out some sets, we grabbed it with both hands and here's how we've found them.


It always felt so far away, that first year they're born sometimes the days pass like weeks and the weeks themselves feel like they're never ending. But from a parent that just waved her son off at the school gates, I promise you time flies. Not when you're having fun, not when you're having bad days either, I don't really know how or when these years passed us by but they have and whilst I'm tinged with a bittersweet feeling, I'm excited for Noah to begin what I'm sure will be one hell of a roller coaster ride through education.


We're officially in September and with Noahs' first day at school mere days away, I wanted to reflect on the six weeks holiday as a whole. Initially when they rolled around I was thankful, Noah before now was attending school on a part time basis every afternoon (a strange set-up that any child who turned four before December last year was able to do) and whilst he loved school it was really disruptive every day going back and forth four times. I craved the holidays. But as they came closer the realisation that it'd be me and the boys flying solo for 95% of the time was in truth, a little intimidating - they fight like cat and dog at the minute and I didn't want to end the month of August being able to add referee to my CV.