It's hard isn't it? I wasn't really going to talk much about the fact we're in a national lock down but figured that's a little stupid given how monumental this is for us. It's not exactly a time I want to sit and talk about how much we're struggling or enjoying this time either, because I know for so, so many out there that it's truly horrific. We are incredibly lucky, sure we're stuck inside and it's boring but how fortunate are we that all we have to do is simply stay home with our loved ones? How many people would trade a limb for that right now? I can't even count the amount of times when I wasn't self employed that I longed for days at home with my boys again, yet now we have it we realise just how grateful we should be for the ordinary.


Thanks to the Covid outbreak we've all had so much to deal with, I don't think any one family has gone through everything smooth sailing. At first I worried about losing loved ones, then it was home schooling and each week it seemed new problems rolled in. When lockdown hit I knew there was going to be a plethora of issues that we'd have to over come, but I never thought my own hair would be one of them. I know, I know, this is such a minute issue in the grand scheme of everything, people are losing loved ones, I am more than aware of all of this. However the thought I was about to maybe lose half my hair was still traumatic to me.