Goodbye Arm Cramp | Review

I don't think there is anything more satisfying than feeding your baby a bottle and they drift off to sleep at the end. It's bliss, they're relaxed and you prepared, you've got Netflix on the go, snacks within reach, phones fully charged and you've managed to pee already. But then, yeah, the dreaded arm cramp, or in my case as of late, arm numbness, just GREAT. Sometimes I managed to prop a pillow under P and free my arm, but it often disturbs him or the pillow just wont sit right, it's a frustrating situation that can easily be combated with a wonder product that is the Hush Cush. 

The Hush Cush is a win win product for me. Baby is happy because the cushion is specifically designed to elevate baby in order to aid digestion which hugely helps reduce reflux, something P really struggled with. Mum is also happy because, no arm cramp, no faffing about with a pillow and you can sit back and enjoy a sleeping baby in comfort. A huge added bonus for me is how small and portable the cushion is, most nursing pillows are pretty gigantic and conspicuous, but not the Hush Cush, it's incredibly travel friendly and even comes with a handy little clip so you can pop it onto your changing bag or whatever you need to, whilst you're out and about. I also found a secondary use for it, that we really loved, it really helped Noah when he wanted to hold his brother. Obviously, Noah is 2, so his little arms struggle when trying to support a growing 5 month old, but when we popped the Hush Cush on his arm (as it's a one size fits all) he allowed Patrick to be super close to him, without putting too much pressure on Noahs little arms, so I can't really thank a product enough that helped increase a brotherly bond can I?

All in all the Hush Cush gets a thumbs up from us, even though we are bottle feeding, we've still found it to be incredibly useful and really live up to all of it's claims. So I can only imagine if you were a breast feeding Mum, how even more beneficial you would find it.

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