BLOGMAS #18 | Teething Essentials

Teething is something as a parent, and child, you can't avoid. Some get it easier than others, granted, but it's always a bit of a pain, literally. There is a LOT out there in regards to teething, some good, a lot pretty naff, and now that I'm well onto the teething journey with Patrick (yay!) I thought I'd share some of the best of the bunch. Like I said, there is so much choice, and we do have a vast array of teething materials, but some things I just reach for day in and day out as I know they work and do the jobs I need them too. Here are a few of them;

1. Gummee Glove - An absolute must when you're baby starts teething early. I didn't need for this so much with Noah, but Patrick was only 11 weeks the poor thing when his gums started to hurt. He couldn't really hold anything so just spent his days gnawing on his chubby little hands till they were red, cold and slobbery. Eventually I stumbled upon the Gummee Glove and loved the concept of it, it's such a lifesaver and I we still get so much use out of it now at 6 months old.

2. Calpol - If you think you're going to survive teething without this, you're wrong. Teething is a pain, I think of it as toothache for us, most adults have a good old moan when their wisdom teeth came through, imagine that pain for a tiny baby? The sachets are my favourite as they're so handy to pop a couple in your changing bag to have ready on the go.

3. Nuby Teether - My mum actually grabbed this for Patrick earlier in the year when she saw how badly he was struggling with his teeth. It's been perfect for the 4-6 month stage when his hand eye co-ordination is improving and he can grip better. As the blanket is a wide surface area, he has a much better chance of keeping hold of it. Plus it squeaks.

4. Bickiepegs - So many of my mum friends haven't heard of these. They're great. Thing of the most solid biscuit you can, and that's a bickiepeg. I've never yet known a child to break through one or eat one. They're amazing for really letting your baby gnaw down, and even come with a tiny ribbon so you can thread them onto clothing, that way they don't drop it.

5. Cheeky Chompers - A pretty genius product, a dribble bib combined with a teether. I cant tell you the amount of times I've caught Patrick trying to gobble his bib, meaning it's soaking wet and I have to change it. The cheeky chomper is designed with that in mind, a solid end so baby can chomp down, whilst again helping avoid that 'dropped teether' issue. It has two poppers on the back so can grow as your baby does.

6. Coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Teething can ruin even the best sleepers nights, and oh my goodness has it for us at times.

7. Munchkin toy - This is by far Patricks favourite teething toy, and we have masses. He is always most content and I guess because it's so bright and colourful, as well as having such a variety of different textures, he always has something new to feel on his gums. It's pretty resilient too as I've washed this and sterilised it many times yet it looks brand new.

8. Lastly, dribble bibs. All you can find, because my goodness will there be dribble. In the bucket loads, in fact I'm unsure sometimes if Patrick has dribbled himself dry. Dribble bibs are just great for stopping the 101 outfit changes in a day, it stops baby getting a soggy top which of course you don't want, particularly in winter as it could lead to them getting a cold.

What teething toys have you found helpful for your little ones?


  1. Oh my gosh the dribble is real! Totally getting some calpol satchets,save so much space in our bag! Never heard of the bickepegs, definitely going to search them out! And we lover our neckerchew,it's such a simple but clever invention!

  2. This has come at the right time for us as Benjamin has already started teething at 2 months 😔 Going to have to stock up! X

  3. I actually had the Munchkin toy too for Leanora, she loved it so much, probably due to the colours. This post is great as it lets you know, the variations of help out their for our little ones. eS


  4. Oh my gosh yes coffee is a must on this list haha! But yeah, I've found that cold grapes packed into a netted food feeder helps them knaw at something cold to soothe the gums. We've started using neurofen now there's a tooth coming through as we've found that helps a bit better than calpol. I really wanted to get the gummy glove I'm a bit gutted we didn't get one when Imogen was younger. I wish I saw this post a few months ago.

    Lisa |