Chicken Pox You Suck

Oh what a crappy few days poor Noah has had. As most parents with a child in Nursery will know, Chickenpox seem to be doing the rounds at the moment and when Noah has managed to avoid it previously, this time he wasn't so lucky. Which is fine, better now than when he's an adult and they're supposedly worse - except for the fact he was due to fly away with my parents on Tuesday to their Villa in Spain.

The Wicked Uncle Challenge

Most parents will have heard of Wicked Uncle, (and if you haven't have you ever really bought a toy? - just kidding) but if you're not aware they're a pretty awesome website designed to make toy buying incredibly easy even for the worst present buyers in the history of giving. We were thrilled to be asked to partake in their 'Wicked Uncle Challenge'. Which involved a childless relative - Hello Uncle Egg (aka. my brother Simon) trying to find some toys that Noah would love.