BLOGMAS #7 || Santa Pants

No shame in my game, I am all in for swapping out the day to day things in favour of something more festive. Christmas pyjamas, yes, Christmas films, yes, Christmas vests, yes, Christmas nappies, hell yes! I was so thrilled when I saw that I could purchase these adorable little Santa print nappies, that I almost let out a scream. Asda Little Angels have truly hit the nail on the head with this, it's something I've not seen any other brand on the market offer, and let's face it, nappies are certainly not the most glamorous look so if you can shake things up to look a little more seasonal then why not?

Little Angels sent us a large pack of these, along with a few packs of their standard range, but I just couldn't wait so half way through the first standard pack I switched to the Santa pants, they're just too cute. A reasoning why I was keen to try other nappies as opposed to our previous Pampers ones was that for a long time I was experiencing leaking and strong smells from Ps nappies, in fact I remember getting to the same stage at roughly this age with Noah but somehow never stepped away from Pampers. I am so unbelievably thankful Little Angels reached out to me after seeing my grumbles because we're officially making the switch. As nappies are such a staple for babies (duh!) it's not a decision I take lightly, but we just couldn't say no to these nappies - I'm kicking myself we haven't swapped sooner. They claim to stay dry for up to 12 hours which I vouch for, as P has slept 13 in these many times, but the best thing for me is the comfort, I could not believe just how soft and silky the inside of the nappy felt, even more so when I compared it to others that seemed dry and crispy in comparison. Poor Patricks bottom will now feel like it's padded with goose feathers.

Another incredibly handy feature of these fantastic nappies, is their 'size up guide', now you're probably thinking 'their what?!'. Well, you know when your babies at that stage when you can't quite tell if you've forgotten the ability to do a nappy properly, or they have gained 12lb in a day and suddenly don't fit in their size quite so well anymore - Little Angels have solved that whole problem for you. They have two neat lines either side of their logo, on the front of the nappies, if the tabs from the back of the nappy aren't quite reaching in between those lines, it's time to size up. Genius right? It's like they know about our irrational mum fears and have taken care of it all for us. Little Angels are getting a big thumbs up from us this Christmas, and for the rest of Ps time in nappies because we are fully converted!

Have you tried Asdas Little Angels?

*Products were sent, but all opinions 100% honest


  1. Oh my gosh these are so cute! If only we had an Asda closer to us, I'd definitely give these a try!!

  2. Aw these are so cute, it's such a shame as Amelia's skin didn't seem to agree with little Angels nappies so we went onto pampers sensitive and they seem to be fine, however we just got sent some samples of the Aldi mamia ones that are a fraction of the price and she seemed fine in them...just a shame they aren't cute like these for Christmas!

    Lucie xx |

  3. I love these, it's so simple but I love that they do christmassy nappies. I wanna try Darcy with these, she gets on well with the mamia nappies wish they weren't so boring!

    Amelia |

  4. These are so festive! If baby appears before Christmas will need to get some! xx
    Glossy Boutique

  5. I neeeeeed these. I remember buying them for my eldest girl last year. I'm gonna have to get some this year for my littlest lady. In fact as my toddler is still in nappies. I'm gonna have to get them both matching festive nappies. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps XX