Goodbye Arm Cramp | Review

I don't think there is anything more satisfying than feeding your baby a bottle and they drift off to sleep at the end. It's bliss, they're relaxed and you prepared, you've got Netflix on the go, snacks within reach, phones fully charged and you've managed to pee already. But then, yeah, the dreaded arm cramp, or in my case as of late, arm numbness, just GREAT. Sometimes I managed to prop a pillow under P and free my arm, but it often disturbs him or the pillow just wont sit right, it's a frustrating situation that can easily be combated with a wonder product that is the Hush Cush. 

Toddler Gift Guide

I'm back into full blogging action again this week, starting with a Christmas Gift guide. It's definitely my most favourite one, as I designed this with Noah in mind, incorporating a few bits we have got him for Christmas and also because he really, truly understands Christmas this year I wanted to make sure we go all out. I hope this can provide some inspiration if you're struggling for ideas, or even spark an idea that your little one might just love something here too.

Are Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles Really Important?

YES! I'm not going about this in a round about way, it is so bloody important to do your pelvic floor exercises, take it from someone who pushed out an almost 10lb baby, and then didn't really think pelvic floor exercises were for her. Thankfully, the effects of incontinence can be easily managed and actually reversed. Just like any other muscle in your body, if you don't exercise them, they're not going to be as efficient, but if you begin to slowly use them again, you can build them up to be strong. As you can imagine, I did just that and waved goodbye to my stash of supplies next to the loo.

What To Buy The Babies Who Have Everything?

As you all know by now if you read my blog regularly, I'm a Christmas fanatic. I eat, sleep and breathe Christmas and often start thinking about gifts way in advance. I like to plan my gifts out and make sure they're as thoughtful and useful as possible, but sure enough year after year I get the standard questions now as a parent 'What should I get the boys for Christmas', and although I appreciate being asked rather than receiving something they wont use, I wish there was some kind of bot that could just figure it out for them, or hey ho, maybe just figure it themselves? It feels like Mamas and Papas got the memo on my thoughts, because this year, they've brought out something that is right up my street, - a baby gift finder.