BLOGMAS #20 | 6 Months With 2 Children

So I've officially been a Mum of two for over six months now, it felt like half a year is the right time to reflect on how I've found it all so far. One of my worries about having two children was just how will we cope, as when there is just one child, there is two of you to share the load if your little one is acting up. But when there is two of those crazy cats being sassy, what on earth do you do if you're both at your wits end? I feel pretty lucky in a sense, having a second boy meant I could hit the ground running as I knew a few things to expect already having one boy in Noah.

The leap from no children, to one, in my eyes is the hardest. Adjusting from one to two really isn't that much change, you're already a parent, you have that mindset. Gone are lie-ins or evenings out, so it doesn't really feel as much of a life change as when you become a first time family. I also think our age gap is just perfect, maybe because I haven't experienced any other, but Noah can completely understand and interact with Patrick, he's also incredibly helpful so if I need him to grab the cream from upstairs he can, or pop something in the bin, he's a complete star and really has become my little buddy. We're completely blessed with Noah in that he doesn't throw tantrums too often, he'll have occasions when he doesn't want to go to bed, or leave Nannas house, but he's so easily talked around with a cuddle and negotiations, so if Patrick is having a rough day, I can completely rely on Noah to behave himself and co-operate which is a total godsend. Dealing with a lack of sleep with two may be tough, but again I've had it so easy because P mostly sleeps like a dream and has since he was five weeks. I think some Mums like my friend Cara deserve medals, the lack of sleep a newborn can give and then a toddler to manage, she truly needs a bloody pride of Britain.

Don't get me wrong, it's not always a bunch of roses, I truly despise leaving the house. It's my complete pet hate of having two, as well as returning home coming alongside that. In fact, any situation that requires getting them both in and out of the car when I'm on my own. Not too long ago I had a flush of fury as I couldn't find a Parent & Child spot in our local Tesco, (initial anger that I noticed two people parking there with no children - tut ) which was a bit irritating as trying to get enough room on each side of the car to get both boys out wasn't easy - especially in a big 4 x 4 car. Anyway, I managed it - great. We shopped and then returned to our car, only to find now new cars next to me had parked so close I could barely squeeze the boys down the side never mind the trolley. So I was stuck. Do I leave Patrick in the trolley, in the roadway to get Noah in? Or leave Noah in the trolley to get Patrick in? In the end. I abandoned the trolley and took Noah with me to pop Patrick in, then going around the other side to get Noah in. I then had to make six trips back and forth from the trolley to the boot of the car to pop the shopping away, of course by this point Patrick was screaming the car park down. The joy! How I didn't give the middle finger to the woman gawping at me as she got solo into her car, parked in Parent & Child. Anyway, moan over, you catch my drift. There are times when it is hard, Noah may need a wee when we're out and you'll be surprised how many public toilets really don't take into consideration a pushchair. Juggling a baby on your hip, handbag over your shoulder and trying to make your toddler aim into the toilet is no easy task, all whilst praying nobody steals the pram outside.

But here we are, six months down the line and I am completely in love with having a family of four. Is our family complete? I don't really know, that's a whole other post I guess. But for now I'm so completely content with my boys. I truly adore being a boy mum.

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  1. I feel your parking pain (and that's only with one child!)... I've never felt such hatred as when people slip out of their cars whilst parked there with no children! The boys are gorgeous, congratulations on your lovely family of four x