Flying abroad alone with my boys for the first time last year definitely made me nervous beforehand. Not just because everything is a little different now (and rightly so) thanks to Covid, but because I had never actually taken them on a flight alone before. I know I'm lucky, the boys are really well behaved but of course you never know what may happen so even knowing that, I was still a little nervy. Our outbound flight to Alicante, was a very early morning flight, 6:20am departure meant that I was going to be waking the boys at around 2am. Now who likes being woken in the middle of the night? Certainly not me. But it did seem the wisest option as it just meant we weren't waiting around all day at home with two very excited boys, waiting to head to the airport. Plus as a child, I always remember feeling so excited when I'd be woken in the night to go on holiday.