Snack Time On The Go

As someone who tries to avoid it as much as possible, I know how stressful feeding your little one on the go can be. Not only are their endless things you have to pack, but it can be an all round stressful occasion. Hungry toddlers & public places do not mix, let me tell you that from experience.

Our Bedtime Routine*

Bedtime is such an important time to have a routine to us, because we work full time, we all need our sleep and if Noah doesn't sleep well, we don't work very well. So as soon as Noah was old enough to co-operate, we instilled a pretty firm one.

Little Dish - My First Pizza Review*

Having worked with Little Dish before & sampled some of their fantastic meals for toddlers, I was extremely excited to find they had just launched a pizza range and jumped at the chance for Noah to once again sample them. And what a treat they were.

The Best Parts Of Parenting - My Sunday Photo

So when you read blogs, even before you have a baby, most posts are telling you the hardest bits, what not to look forward to or what to prepare yourself for. I thought I'd mix it up just a little and tell you some of the best bits about being a parent, because trust me, there are hundreds.

Potty Training Diaries

The last few weeks have contained so much excitement, frustration and all kinds of other emotions, because we've finally took the plunge and headed on to the potty training bandwagon. We first tried Noah roaming free in the house with no pants or nappy on before we went away in summer, and he was getting on well. So now we're back we've hit it full force with my mum training him whilst she has him, my nan doing the same and when he's at home he is without a nappy also. And he is doing magnificent, I feel a little silly for apprehending it so much, mopping up a bit of wee really isn't much to be concerned about.

Weekend Mini Style #3

So this weekend we've embraced the colder weather - which lets face it, has gone totally t**ts up as it's the hottest October on record. But nonetheless we are going with the autumnal theme, hence the knitted hat. Noah has been a dream this weekend, I was out most of Saturday at a close friends hen party & he was such a good boy for John that when I came home I just had to sneak him out of his cot for some late night cuddles. Luckily I didn't wake him. He was in a very giddy mood come photo time, and I just had to stick with these pictures because they are too adorable not too!

Does My Baby Have Asthma?

This is a question that has hung over our head for a year now. It's not even something I doubt anymore - but more that I know the answer - yes my son has Asthma. It seems nothing short of ridiculous that because Noah doesn't tick a certain age box on a doctors check list, he can't be diagnosed with Asthma because twice I have been told 'He does have Asthma he's just too young to be diagnosed'.

Beauty Advent Calendars.

It's almost the most exciting time of year (eeeep) and thus my first festive post of the year. This one does have to be prepared far in advance because so many of these sell out early, I wanted to let you know the best ones I've found and where you can get them or pre-order before they fly off the shelves.

  1. Benefit Party Poppers: Benefit help you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas in style, with a fantastic Calendar that even plays music as you open it! You get a wide range of their most popular products, and at a pretty affordable range as the Beauty Calendars go. (£34.50 And available online from October 15th)

Weekend Mini Style

Firstly excuse the dirtiest camera lense ever, and the fact that Noah wasn't co-operating with a photo means we are going solo with a flatlay this week. Noah's Sunday is pretty much a Pyjama day, so we've gone for Saturdays outfit this weekend. He's sported a cute lumberjack shirt and some comfy jeans for a long morning playing at the park. Teamed with his cute little pumps and a woolly hat, ensured he was very cosy and snug in the cold Autumn frost. It's simple but chic.

Bath Tub Fun* - Paddys Bathroom Review

For a child that is a complete water baby, we are constantly looking at new ways to jazz up his bath time. And then along came Paddy's Bathroom, a relatively new brand on the market when it comes to bathing products, they are sister brand of Ellas Kitchen though so have an extensive knowledge of the market out there.