Would it be Autumn without pumpkin picking? Certainly not in our household, with covid getting in the way the past two years it's been long overdue. Our local patch goes a little bit further than your bog standard, pumpkins in a field, grab one then pay and leave - you can definitely lose a couple of hours there, which is exactly what we did during this half term. The boys are always so excited to go and they couldn't contain themselves when I whispered to them this morning that's what we where getting up to today. 


It's no secret this year has been a tough one, and after two years of covid affecting everyones lives I had hoped for good things from 2022 - obviously this wasn't to be. Me and the boys have been through some really tough and harrowing co-parenting issues, we've been plagued with unimaginable concerns regarding Noah's health and of course we lost my amazingly wonderful Nan, a hit you can't even begin to comprehend. We had our family holiday booked for August, but my Nan was diagnosed with a fatal and incurable disease just the month before and with that knowledge it just felt wrong to go away when we could instead spend time with her. Something I'm really thankful for as sadly she passed away just four weeks later. So with that rescheduled for next year, and the boys due to be away with their Dad in October, I decided it would be a great time to retreat to our family villa in Javea,