Pacapod Jura Review*

Well, well, well, where to start with the Pacapod Jura? I'm a slight changing bag hoarder and this is by far the most multi-functional, easy to use & stylish one I've owned. I almost feel as though I've wasted hours of my life searching in bags for bits and bobs when if I had of had this bag, all of that could of been avoided.

The Pacapod prides itself on their Pods, and the Jura comes with two, one for feeding and one for changing. I personally found this so handy when out for dinner, I didn't have to lug a bag to the changing rooms, I'd just simply grab the Changing Pod and off we'd go. With an ever growing 8 month old baby, being able to just carry a super lightweight bag with me to the toilets made it much easier. The same goes for the Feeding Pod, as most Mothers out there know, when your baby wants their milk, they want it now. I didn't find myself rummaging around for his bib or muslin, as the Feeding Pod provides perfect little pouches so everything is easily accessible. I was very impressed.

With most changing bags I've used, I've found once I have all my sons changing and feeding bits in, it's rather full. Not with the Pacapod Jura, you've still got two huge compartments on the front for everything else. I feel like this bag is made for us Mummies who like to over pack, I used one zip compartment for spare clothes for Noah, something that came in handy when sending him off to Nana's for a day. And there was still another whole compartment left for either my stuff, toys for Noah or both! (Yes it is that spacious). I couldn't believe how easy this bag has made things for us. It's definitely played to my organisation needs, as everything has it's own slot or pouch, even the changing mat, which may I add is so soft and spongy, providing extra comfort for your little ones changes when you are out and about.

I already know we'll be purchasing another for my other half, the Pacapod Jura is so versatile and can easily be used by Mummy or Daddy. It's wipe clean which is extremely handy because you don't have to worry about any sticky messes ruining your gorgeous bag. In the first few days I wore it out I was asked twice where the bag was from, it's eye-catching with its bold and beautiful pattern and really has made a world of difference to days out for me and Noah.

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Heading Back To Work

The dreaded subject and the time that seemed years away, has finally come, I'm due to go back to work in two weeks (three with one weeks holiday) but contrary to a lot of people, I am nervously excited.

Of course, it goes without saying I will miss Noah so much, I'll wish I was home with him and the novelty of heading back to work will wear thin within a week, but after a while maternity leave can become a little bit tedious. Maternity pay is no big money, and when babies are so small (see previous post) there isn't too many places you can take them to interact, so from time to time it can all become a little same-y. I'm definitely looking forward to some adult interaction that isn't with someone I live with. I'm looking forward to earning my own money again, It'll be nice to gush to someone who probably isn't sick of me talking about him yet, but most of all I will be looking forward to coming home to my cuddly little boy and snuggling up to him. I'm lucky enough to work literally 3 minute drive from our house, so I can pop home at lunch, my hours are what I wanted and I do enjoy working at my job, so I can't complain. I also know, Noah will be safe at home with my mum taking very good care of him, we're fortunate that she is able to do that as I'm sure heading back to work for me would be much more difficult if I knew he was going into the hands of someone I didn't know.

Any other Mummies out there heading back to work soon? How you do feel about it?

Noah You're 8 Months

My oh my! I cannot believe when I look back at your last update, you were half the age you are now. So much has changed since then, you are like a different baby & have gained so many new skills. But one thing that hasn't changed, is your lovely temperament, you become sweeter and develop into your own little character more and more.

Routine: Our routine is very consistent now, and it works incredibly well for you. We wake up around 7, have a little snuggle, we sing the wake up song (well Mummy does) and then have your breakfast. You play for a short while before a mid morning nap & some more playing. It's soon dinner time and then we either head outside, have extra play or just relax together before your longer afternoon nap. Before we know it it's tea time, Daddy is home & you're off to bed, but not before a bath, snuggle and a bottle. Everything is working super well in that department.

Sleeping: We've just arrived back from two weeks in Tunisia, and you slept a dream whilst we were there (I think it was a mixture of fresh air & heat) since the day we arrived home you have been unsettled in your sleeping. And cheeky you will not allow Daddy to settle you, but touch wood the past two nights you've worked yourself out and we're back to sleeping through 7-7. Which we're more than happy with.

Weight: You'll not be getting weighed until the clinic is on next Wednesday, but I have noticed you have got much heavier. You're 'solid' as your old nana says, like a bag of cement. Probably because you will eat everything & anything and nobody can sit down to eat without you wanting some of their food. Size 6-9 month clothing in some shops are coming up a bit tight now, (in particular around your chubby legs and tum) so I think you're around the 24-25lb mark. We shall have to see next week!

Milestones: I can't even number how many you've achieved since 4 months. We're onto lumpier food, you're teeth are cutting through this week so now you have one, and you're beginning to try to crawl. You are desperate to be on the move, as soon as you're in your walker you are off, chasing us, the doggies & even trying to open the cupboards, you rascal. Today you again astounded us with some clapping along to a song Nana sings, and even clap when we ask you too. You are growing and developing so much every single day and it's amazing to watch alongside you.

Taking A Baby All Inclusive

So we've just returned from two weeks in Tunisia, it was beyond lovely and the weather was a dream. We are truly lucky that we have such a well behaved baby, he didn't make any fuss on any journey and I can't even recall a cry from him the whole holiday. However we did know taking a baby to an all inclusive resort, is a totally different ball game to a villa or self catering, mainly because the only appliance you have in most all inclusive hotels, is a kettle, this can definitely prove difficult depending on how young your baby is, so here are some of my tips and tricks I learned along the way.

  • Sterilising was my main worry, without a microwave or a steriliser I was so worried how we'd keep Noahs' bottles sterile. But with Milton tablets, we just filled the bathroom sink (or a bucket it you prefer) with boiling hot kettle water, popped in part of a Milton tablet and let his bottles sterilise for 30 minutes. It was so easy, and then they were good to go.
  • Definitely over pack, for most package holidays these days, you do only get a 15/20kg luggage allowance, (10 for babies) I'd advise paying the little bit more for an extra 5kg, we did and it eased our minds so much. We knew we didn't have to worry, we had everything we need and wouldn't be charged a fortune at check in for being over the limit.
  • Bring the essentials. A lot of places in Europe you probably can get standard baby brands. But as we were travelling to North Africa I didn't dare not to bring familiar brands from home. For example his Nappies, Milk & Swim nappies. I am beyond glad I did this as although you could find nappies, I didn't recognise the brand (Lilas?) and he may have reacted to them. Also baby milk was a non existent over there, I'm guessing most ladies there will Breast Feed as they often don't have disposable money for things like that. So definitely bring more than you think you would need, and the same goes for swim nappies, they were absolutely no where to be seen, again I doubt they find them necessary like we do.
  • Weaning I would 110% recommend before you go away somewhere like this. Noah is on to what I'd say is lumpy food. He can eat chopped pasta, shredded meat & fish etc. So we found it relatively easy to get him food, he ate pretty much what we did just cut into small pieces. There was also bits and pieces like mash, soups etc. But it could prove difficult if your baby is only onto purées, I'd probably bring some pouches if that is the case. All inclusive are more often than not, buffet style main restaurants, so you will always find something.
  • Team work is such a huge part of holidaying. We were so lucky to have our parents there too, sometimes when you both want to relax together for 30 minutes, it's handy to have someone along side to help out. I'm also fortunate John isn't much of a tanning kind of guy, he would happily sit in the shade and it worked well as obviously we didn't want Noah in the sun too much. 
  • Don't fret about the plane ride. I was beyond worried how Noah would react, flying at 6am meant we left our house at 2am. He was so tired on the plane outbound, but we do have a very nosey baby so he didn't sleep till the final 20 minutes. We took plenty of pre made bottles (remember for your return journey too) and took spares of everything. He was an angel on the way back too, and slept for about half of the three hour return flight. 
I know First Choice & Thomson do sell 'baby packs', something I didn't realise until a couple of weeks before we were due to fly, they include steriliser, bottle warmer & a pram a believe? They may be worth a look if you are travelling with them. Travelling to an All Inclusive with a baby definitely requires a lot of thinking, and lists not to forget (soo many lists haha) but we loved every minute of it and I'm already looking up for next years. Please let me know how you got on away with a baby, and if you'd like a post on what we took for Noah.