Being a boy mama is a badge I'm proud to wear, I love raising boys and I couldn't really imagine life any other way. Yes there's mud pies, tractors, diggers and winky talk but there's also sofa snuggles, chubby hands to hold and the sweetest 'I love yous' life can offer. Whilst I was pregnant with Patrick, it seemed to be everyone's assumption that I was disappointed I was womb-hosting another son. That couldn't have been further from the truth, I know boys, it's my safety zone and one I'm pretty content in staying well within the confines of. As much as I love the idea of shopping for pretty dresses and frilly socks, I can now fulfil that urge with my niece and I would never wish that either of my boys had been any different, just for the simple sake of shopping in the girls section of a store.

Reading together… it’s a Bing thing! | AD & GIVEAWAY

Reading for us in our house is truly one of my favourite things to do with the boys, it doesn't matter whether it's first thing in a morning, last thing at night or the middle of the day, there's something pretty magical about coming together and getting lost in a story. Reading always has such a calming effect on both of my children, it doesn't matter if they're at the height of a sugar rush or the depths of a tantrum, sitting and flicking through pictures or hanging onto narratives always helps them come back down to earth and it's almost as if I've pushed a little reset button and normality can restore. It's no secret too that Bing bunny has always been a firm favourite under our roof, ever since Noah was old enough to pay attention to the television, Bing was a must watch so when we were asked to have a look some new 2019 Bing titles from Harper Collins, we absolutely jumped at the chance.


I've never really had massive opinions on flying, I love travelling but the actual action of flying on a plane is one I find a little mundane and especially now I have children, it adds extra complications to the mix and is never really smooth sailing. I know all of these are incredibly fortunate problems to have, to get to complain about travelling, but after recently heading on a press trip that involved a nine hour flight, I definitely got time to think about some things that really irk me when I fly. I think having little ones too really does heighten your awareness to absolutely everything so that when I was without my boys on the long haul flight recently, I so much time on my hands to really have a look at what was going on around me, without the distraction of them.


If you had asked me three months ago about Banff I'd have given you a funny look and told you I'd never heard of it or seen it, but I'd be wrong, while I definitely hadn't heard of Banff before, I most certainly would have seen it across Pinterest. That's to me what Banff National Park is, a pinterest perfect location, 'insta worthy', a just completely beautiful and serene place that honestly I didn't think really existed apart from in movie scenes. I was wrong however, as just last week I was lucky enough to be taken on a pretty exciting trip that lead me right up to these picturesque views myself.