BLOGMAS #3 | Christmas Traditions

Christmas is definitely a time for family, it's a time for fun and laughter. If you follow me on social, you will sure as hell know that I am a festive fanatic, I like to truly make the most of it because, *cliche alert* it really does only come one time a year. Now Noah is old enough to really understand Christmas, I aim to make each year even more magical than the previous, there isn't much magical about adulthood, so I want to live life vicariously through his eyes during this period. Patrick isn't far behind so within a couple of years I'll have my two little elves joining me in all the festivities from September 1st. As I grew up, Christmas was always a special time of year, I think no matter how much or little my parent's had, they did their best to make it incredible for me and my siblings. We had traditions, which lately have seen us moaning about (shall come to that in a moment), for example, every year since I can remember, we all sit together near the tree on Christmas Eve and open one present, usually selected by my Mum or Dad as they know what is in them, and it's always something little. Minus the year my Dad bodged up and let me open a Karaoke CD when I didn't have a Karaoke....yet. (Cue daggers from my mum and all their attempts to convince 7 year old me Santa must have made a mistake). My parents have also always done stockings, up until I had Noah, because 'You're not children anymore' this caused some debate because I'll have you know mother I am always your child and therefore should get a stocking *foot stomp*.

These are the traditions though, I'm keen to en-still on the boys, I want to be able to tell them how they started and one day hopefully they'll pass them on to their children. We've started our own this year, with a Christmas Eve box, it's a very new thing to do, but something I just couldn't say no to, why not stretch the magic a bit further and start it a little sooner? I asked some fellow bloggers if they have any traditions, and as I suspected, we're not alone, they've kindly shared some extra special traditions that they intend to carry on.

Keri-Anne had the most beautiful idea which you can read a little more about here, of decorating a lonely tree with her girls. I think that is so special, trees can look a little bleak in winter but I'm sure someone will walk past this tree, covered in baubles and it will bring a smile to their face.

Hannah is starting a whole new tradition in her family this year, which includes getting both sides of the family together for a giant Christmas morning breakfast - such an amazing idea and so original.

Lucy has a post dedicated to all of their Christmas traditions with their little girls. It includes Christmas Eve boxes like myself, and then some sneaky Santa footprints which I might just have to steal.

Deborah has an adorable tradition that really did give me so many festive feels. The whole family gather at the top of the stairs, and her other half nips down first and only when he gives a 'Santas been' are they all allowed to run down. It's one that has been passed down from her parents, as she remembers her Dad doing it as she grew up.

Claire is celebrating her first Christmas with her little bear this year, so she's keen to incorporate some cute traditions, a special festive bath on Christmas eve with a lush bath bomb (has to be done) and then of course some cosy new Christmas jammies. She's already stocked up on lots of festive books, ready for her little ones book advent.

Amy is also going to be enjoying her first Christmas as a mum, she has so many things lined up. Quite a sentimental tradition she wants to continue with baby B, is popping out the decorations on the 1st of December, she always did it herself as a child with her mum, in memory of her grandma so she's keen to keep that going, which I think is incredibly sweet. Amy's also snapping up the idea of a Christmas Eve box with her own extra festive twist by opening it on December 1st - that way they can get lots of use out of it throughout the whole month, such a great idea!

Do you have any traditions that you were brought up with, or will you create new ones with your family?

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  1. Love all these ideas. The tree decorating is so so cute!
    We're doing a Christmas Eve box too! And decorations up on Dec 1St - ok I cheated, they were up on 25th November!!!

    Rachel //