During the cold bout of weather we had last month, the lovely people over at Nissan reached out and asked if we'd like to try out their Qashqai, and of course I jumped at the chance. I'm not normally someone who takes much interest in cars if I'm totally honest, I'd be lying if I said I could recognise most car makes and models, that is definitely more my other halves forte. But the Nissan is an exception, their Juke and Qashqai have always caught my eye and since lockdown I have mulled over getting a new car which I think testing out the Qashqai has definitely given me that little extra push to do so. That and the fact after a week of driving the Nissan in the cold, my poor little Peugeot did not like restarting and took some persuasion, something I never had to worry about when getting in the Qashqai.