I'm sorry if you're someone who isn't a big fan of Christmas in November, because unfortunately I definitely am. You can probably expect the big C to be mentioned in most posts from now until January and there's zero shame from me about that. Christmas isn't just a time of year, it's a way of life right? I think because when you have children it suddenly means something entirely different doesn't it? You see the magic through their eyes, it's so special and even talking about it now gets me so excited, especially that Patrick is that bit older now and can really understand what everything is about. But Christmas certainly isn't all about money, presents and food, though across blogs this month I'm sure the gift guides will be endless, mine being no exception, I wanted to talk about some of the presents that money can't really buy.


We love being outdoors, in fact, try and keep my boys inside for a day and we all go a little stir crazy, they're just happier with dirt under their fingernails and muddy puddles beneath their feet. For me if we didn't get out and explore at some point over a weekend, I'd feel like I'd done not only them but myself a disservice, because everything just feels a little less stressful when we're outside. They can run, jump, scream, stomp and it doesn't feel half as alarming as it does when we're stuck inside the confines of four walls with the theme tune of peppa pig in the background. Outdoor play for us isn't an option, it's essential.