Many people plan their family getaways around which sun-kissed destination they most want to visit, but there's more to going away as a family than just lapping up the sunshine and splashing in the pool (though let's be honest, isn't that one of the best bits) One of the best places to take your children, is to a city; there, they'll be able to learn something (disguised as fun, winner!), be able to explore some of the best children's attractions in the world, and all-around enjoy the thrum of a bustling metropolis. I'm sharing five tips to ensure your city break is the best it can be.

For me I think city trips are all about being on the go, so it's a whole other ball game to the relaxing beach breaks we are used to. Visiting a city gives you a totally new perspective compared to a coastal break, and with that, it's wise to be prepared. If you're going to be out all day everyday, think practical, what you'll need in your bag, do you have a child in nappies, or a toddler that might get tired and want a buggy? Think ahead and research as much beforehand as you can.

Pick your destination.
First things first, where do you want to go? If you're in the UK then you are spoiled for choice. While the initial temptation might be London, there's more to UK cities than just the capital. You could explore the second city, Birmingham, or head north to Liverpool, or even check out the arty vibes of Bristol. Not that you're limited to the UK: Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and a host of other big cities are just a short plane ride away.

Add the fun.
Now, you're probably well versed in all the fun things that adults can do in cities, but remember you're now travelling with youngsters in tow. As such, it won't be all about discovering all the delicious wines the city has to offer (we can try though, right?) or only checking out the new exibitions that are in town. You'll need to find events and attractions that speak to children's interests too. Luckily, this shouldn't be a problem! There'll be kid-friendly museums, plenty of family fun day events, and much more, ensuring everyone in your party gets to enjoy the trip.

Looking good.
Of course, there's something inherently sophisticated about cities. People live purpose; they're cultured, they dress well. If you're visiting a city with a family, make sure you look the part by wearing your best clothes. This is a fun way to prepare for the trip! For your kids, check out the range at Nicki's; they'll never have looked to stylish. And of course you want to look great too, so pick out something nice for yourself at the same time. You'll feel like real city slickers when you're strolling through the town dressed to the nines.

An enjoyable meal.
There are a lot of things to like about a city, btu for our money, there's nothing better than the food! This is where the best food in the world lives. Find a restaurant that'll be appropriate for well-behaved children, and make a reservation. Check out trip advisor for reviews, even pictures to get a feel for the place, nobody wants to turn up with a pram to realise the restaurant is situated up the top of 50 steps.

Keeping things loose.
Finally, remember to keep things loose. You don't want to cram too much into your trip, make sure you keep space in the schedule for downtime, to do nothing other than relaxing in the park or stroll the streets - and have a great trip!

*this is a collaborative post


  1. I can't wait for us to get into the museum stage a bit more. At the moment our city trips have been decidedly limited as he gets bored so quickly but we'll be up to visit my brother in a few weeks and I think he'll love it! It's completely true about looking the part, I always get an urge to put more outfit effort in when we go away, especially on a city break! And of course, my mini model has to look even better!! x

  2. Yes! I want to take the kids on more city breaks. These are some great tips x

  3. I love this! I want to take my daughter to York and Edinburgh this year and I am sure we will have a fab time.

  4. Some lovely ideas there - I can't wait for Violet to be old enough to enjoy big days out in the city!

  5. I love a good city break! I can't wait to take the children to Berlin when they're a bit older - and I'd love to do Amsterdam xx

  6. You cant beat a good city trip can you! I'm determined to make the effort to venture out of Leeds more this year x

  7. Lovely ideas here, and the clothing from Nicki’s looks so sweet! We are off to Edinburgh in two weeks so I’ll definitley need to take some of these on board!