It's no secret this year has been a tough one, and after two years of covid affecting everyones lives I had hoped for good things from 2022 - obviously this wasn't to be. Me and the boys have been through some really tough and harrowing co-parenting issues, we've been plagued with unimaginable concerns regarding Noah's health and of course we lost my amazingly wonderful Nan, a hit you can't even begin to comprehend. We had our family holiday booked for August, but my Nan was diagnosed with a fatal and incurable disease just the month before and with that knowledge it just felt wrong to go away when we could instead spend time with her. Something I'm really thankful for as sadly she passed away just four weeks later. So with that rescheduled for next year, and the boys due to be away with their Dad in October, I decided it would be a great time to retreat to our family villa in Javea, 

We're so lucky to have access to my parents villa, pretty much whenever we like. I grew up being your generic all inclusive kid and I'm very fortunate for that, but as I've grown up and have kids of my own, I know the value that the privacy and peace of a home away from home in the form of a villa, offers. The kids are very much of the same mindset and both but particularly Patrick wasn't happy that I was visiting without him, even though he knew he'd have a fantastic time away himself. It's their favourite destination but they'll have to sit tight until next year when I'm sure we'll make up for what they missed out on this year. With the date I was off work being just ten days away, I booked flights and handed my parents my luggage as they where about to set off driving there with the dogs. Having no luggage is an unbelievable blessing, I landed at 11:50am Spanish time and I was out, met my Dad and headed to the car just fifteen minutes later. There is the added blessing however with it being my parents place, is that previously I've washed and dried all the clothes whilst there, so I'm only coming home with fresh clothes - no endless piles of holiday washing for me.

It will always feel weird being away without the babes, they're part of me, but I tried my best to use the time to fully relax. It wasn't about sun, cocktails or any of that, just purely getting away from the slog that is every day life back home and boy did I achieve that. I'd barely been at the villa ten minutes before I had my swimwear on, a fanta lemon in hand (a right of passage when abroad no?) and my toes dipped into the water. Of course my Mum has it heated as soon as the August sun is out of the way, I think she has become to accustomed to the heat. 

The weather was amazing for late October, I didn't actually think I'd get as much sun as I did so I feel pretty lucky for that, even when there was clouds overhead the temperature was in the mid to high twenties, so worlds away from what I'd left behind at East Midlands Airport. Days all seem to melt into one when you're away from home with no real worries and before I knew it, sometimes even after a cheeky evening siesta, it was evening and ready to head out for food. My parents really spoiled me and we ate out every night, with the pick of the restaurant being entirely down to me. It is so hard to pick in Javea, there is the port, the old town or the arenal - all owning their different vibes and all amazing in their own rite. We did a mix of the port and the arenal, mainly because I am a sucker for a beautiful view. I'm not a beach lover at all - but at night time you really can't knock the scenery. Pure bliss. I indulged myself in all the authentic tapas, it's a must when you're there and with my parents having tried and tested most places now, they know the best spots. None of it would have quite gone down as well without a cocktail of three though, a luxury I could afford with no children with me as ordinarily I don't like to drink when I have them with me, I prepare being fresh for a day of adventuring with them.

After a super late night flight back, I'm now home in the torrential down pour of English weather. Five days was the perfect amount of time for me to get away for some r&r, and I was happy to get back to my own bed feeling completely reset. It truly was exactly what I needed and at a pivotal time. My babes are back on Tuesday and I'm ready to embrace a full almost ten day period with them all to myself, we have all the autumn activities planned so stay tuned for the snaps of those.

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