Valentine’s Day is the annual day of love and it seems to be growing in popularity every single year. I know some people say 'You should show people you love them all year around, not just for one day' but that isn't realistic is it. We all have good and bad days, and I think a day that is completely dedicated to showing someone you care, should be celebrated. It doesn't have to be just for those of us in relationships, or marriages, I even celebrate it more with my boys that me and John do. It's for everyone. However there is more now that ever you can buy for your other half alongside the traditional items, like a bouquet of roses or box of chocolates. Many choose, like us, to share the love with close friends or family too. But for some, this just may not be a possibility, whether it’s because of distance or working away from home. If getting together on the day proves tricky there are still plenty of ways for you to celebrate with your Valentine. 

“Too far” is never an excuse  
Courier services can help save both time and money when sending out your Valentines gifts, cutting out those dreaded Post Office queues, I swear you could waste a day in those places? My Parcel Delivery is a courier comparison site that will find the fastest and cheapest courier service to fit your needs. Simply leave your parcel at a designated drop-off point or organise for it to be collected from your home or work when using reliable brands such as UPS and Parcelforce. You don’t have to worry about distance either – no matter where it’s going, there are a range of couriers who are able to deliver to hundreds of destinations across Europe and the rest of the world How amazing? 

Think before you buy 
Already know that you’re going to be spending the day apart from your loved one? It’s a good idea to check out the list of restricted and prohibited items before going out to buy your gift, as UK couriers aren’t able to handle certain products. This will save you time and give you more opportunity to plan that special gift. Quite a few times at the kiosk I've been quizzed about what's in the parcel, especially with cosmetics and pre-warned what will and wont be delivered. If the item being sent is expensive or holds sentimental value, it might be worth paying a bit extra for additional compensation cover instead of the basic cover which is sometimes available through couriers.   

Make sure to protect your gift 
While it may be tempting to wrap your gift up with a pretty red ribbon and place it in a gift bag, it’s important to package your gifts correctly so that they aren’t damaged while in transit. Items can still be covered with colourful wrapping paper and bows, but they must then go into a parcel box which will withstand the journey. Your parcel will stay safe but will continue to remain a mystery for your Valentine! Surprises are lovely, but we don't want the surprise to be a smashed up mug do we? 

Hopefully these tips have helped anyone feeling down about not being able to spend time with their loved one on Valentine’s Day. And I hope whoever you choose to spend your day with, it's lovely for you all. 


  1. Great tips. Spending Valentines apart must be hard for some couples but I love that they can still send their loved one a present to open on the day itself.

  2. I can't imagine spending Valentine's apart from my husband now, though we did it for the first year of our relationship as he was in Denmark and I was in the UK! It was lovely to send him a pressie for the day though!

  3. Its lovely to celebrate LOVE on a day dedicated to it! It must be hard for couples to be apart but theres always other days to celebrate. Some great ideas though to do if you happen to not be with your partner on V day!

  4. I hate queueing at the post office so having these delivery options is so helpful. We don't really do anything major for Valentine's these days!

  5. Some great ideas here - I can't imagine spending Valentines apart from Jordan, but at least you could send them over something to let you know they are thinking of them! With that being said, we won't actually be doing Valentines, it's just a normal day for us!

  6. It’s so important this time of year to know that perfume and aftershaves are restricted in the postal service, so many people send them around about now for Valentines and Mothers Day! Some great tips on how to package parcels effectively. I’m definitely one for avoiding PO queues!