Last week was pretty manic, seems a little strange as we're actually on half term now, so in theory it should be much crazier this week as opposed to last but thankfully John is off a couple of days this week to help man the fort. I can't really put my finger on what exactly it was that sent us on a hectic spiral, but it felt as though I always had something I needed to be doing, that I wasn't managing to do. Or that plans weren't going how they should and it would send our whole day off kilter. Thankfully one advantage of a busy week, is a fast week and the weekend was around before I even had time to think what day it was. Along with the weekend came sunshine, and I must admit it had me longing for the spring and summer months.

I felt as though I juggled a lot of plates last week, it so happened to be my busiest week work wise, to date. Whether that was work agreements coming in, me having to actually do the work I'd agreed to, or chasing / sending invoices. It was full on, yet, I had a mere three hours of work time all week to manage that in. Of course that wasn't going to work, my weeks are normally pretty well balanced between days with the boys and my working days, but with my Mum being away it put a spanner in the works and meant work had to be put on the back foot a little. I pride myself on my ability to finish work quickly and I wasn't going to let that standard slip, so it meant I stayed up incredibly late every single night of the week. Coffee was my vice and it had to be to see me through. I guess that is the juggle that comes with working self employed, I love that I can work around the children but it does have it's vices, I have to work to earn money, otherwise I'll need help paying bills. It pays to work hard, literally and though last week was definitely a struggle trying to manage work and the boys in the same breathe, ultimately they always come first and rather than trying to get bits done whilst they were here, I waited till they were fast asleep so I could completely concentrate.

I was thankful that by the time the weekend hit, I'd done every ounce of work I needed too and it meant we could fully relax and enjoy our few days as a family again. I didn't have deadlines looming and I didn't need to stay up late and work. We planned a really relaxed and lazy Saturday, lounging around the house, eating our weight in carbs and watching all the Disney movies, but by 4pm we were all stir crazy - we needed out. With the weather on our side and the sunshine still peeping through the blinds, we threw on our coats and off we went, three minutes down the road to our local park which as always, was absolutely deserted.

Our park is fully enclosed so Patrick was in his element as he could run free. He is our wild child is Patrick and it's not often we can just let him go and do his thing, it was lovely to feel a bit relaxed and just watch him wander around without having to shout him back or chase after him. Noah finally plucked up courage so that for the first time in the three years we've lived here, he braved the zip wire, and that was that, as soon as he had a taste of that adrenaline, he spent most of his time there on it. It was a lovely afternoon and as the sun started to draw back behind the clouds, we headed to the shop for a treat to enjoy at home, Noah was on treat selection duty and of course no guesses for who he chose a kinder egg for? Patrick got the obligatory milky bar buttons and we headed home safe in the knowledge that the boys would be sleeping well that night.

*This is a collaborative post


  1. Definitely think it is worth it to put in a few extra hours just to get some dedicated time with the littles. Also loving Noah's sweater!

  2. Looks like you had a fab weekend. I’m trying and failing the work at home/look after the kids thing, I feel like I never get anything done, definitely need to use my time wisely and stop procrastinating!