Noah was our easy child, I think everybody has one in their brood and we were lucky he was our first, some may say otherwise and that we were lured into a false sense of security, which is definitely true. Because of this Patrick was a shock, a wild shock, but one we feel really lucky to have even on those very hard days. In every aspect of childhood so far Noah definitely spared us any problems, if life was a journey his has been smooth sailing, he rarely even gets a cold, a complete textbook child in every respect. Patrick is the opposite, he completely suffers with everything from colds to nappy rash and so it's imperative for us to be on our A game with him.

Babies have incredibly sensitive skin, again something I didn't really think too much into with Noah, we could use whatever, whenever and he'd be fine and dandy. Checking ingredients wasn't an issue, his skin was pretty robust. And then we have our little P, on the complete other end of the spectrum and usually sporting a mottled effect with a blue tinge - don't be alarmed, we've experienced enough suspected sepsis visits to know that this is just 'him', his circulation isn't great and his skin suffers. In every aspect. Whether it's his chubby red cheeks in the winter months, exposed to the elements and feeling worse for it, or his bottom, not being able to handle any sustained period in a nappy without experiencing soreness. We've come to deal with all these obstacles over time, and through the past eighteen months we've found what works for us and more importantly, what works for him. For example, know that generally if he's in his nappy from a 7pm bedtime, till a 5/6am wake up, we'll be greeted with skin irritation and for that reason, we change him during the night. We adapt, we find what works and we stick with it and that goes for products too.

I see so many other parents on baby groups, forums or across social media who struggle with the woes of nappy rash. It happens, and quite often they'll be looking for the cure, for us we've never really found something that will 100% clear up nappy rash other than fresh air, a clean bottom and barrier cream. Our key to success is the preventative treatment, we use nappy cream with every change rather than when we think something is brewing or he's 'looking a bit red', since we made the change both me and John noticed a drastic improvement in the amount of nappy rash Patrick experiences, and I almost feel a little silly for not doing this previous. As I mentioned before, with Noah we weren't ever really brand loyal, but this time around we have to be, P has such senstive skin that we don't want to cause him more irritation by using a product that just doesn't agree with him. So in this case, we are, Bepanthen specifically and there are some vital reasons why;

  • It helps aid the natural recovery of babies skin.
  • It keeps their skin soft and moisturised.
  • There is no unnecessary ingredients.
  • It contains zero potentially toxic ingredients
  • It's fragrance free.
  • It's in a tube, making it easy to use and very hygienic.
As you can imagine as a Mum of two, we've been through our fair share of nappy creams, with most of the typical brands you find on a store shelf having found a place in our home over the years, but not many have stayed quite like Bepanthen. I love the fact their product is tubed, in a variety of sizes so that I can always have one for on the go, and one that stays in Patrick's room. Having tried tub nappy creams before, I wouldn't veer back that way I find them a little unhygienic and generally quite messy in comparison. Their nappy cream is our staple to keeping a happy and rash free Patrick. Don't get me wrong there are times when it appears despite everything, and we just persevere with what we know works and what agrees with his delicate skin and sure enough we're waving goodbye to any rashes or blemishes within a few days. 

Nappy cream doesn't always begin and end with nappies though, having a four year old who still needs support with the wiping business, can sometimes lead to a need for cream. And that's why it's a must for us in this household. Let's face it, when you're two rumbustious boys who like being active, the last thing you want is a sore bottom holding you back and thankfully now it's one less thing to worry about.

*This is a collaborative post


  1. I think we definitely need to test some of this out. Our little one suffers badly from constipation and it can make his bottom so sore x

  2. Oh i love Bepanthan it definitely works better than any of the other creams I have tried on my 3 children over the past 7 years!

  3. Nappy rash is such a pain in the bum, literally! We're lucky that Poppy hasn't had it for ages but was always worse when she was teething! x

  4. My daughter didn't really suffer with nappy rash, I do feel really lucky about that. My nephew has at times and my brother has used Bepanthan and it's been great

  5. I used Bepanthen with my 4 and I've fond it brilliant to get rid of those annoying rashes and sore bottoms. x

  6. We used this a lot when the kids were little too, good to see its still working its magic

  7. I dread this because like you Dil was really easy, I worry that next babies won’t be haha. Great that we can rely on great brands like Bepanthen to help look after our little ones!

  8. Ahh Patrick is such a cutie! I had the difficult baby first time round, the rest were a breeze in comparison x

  9. We have always been a fan of Bepanthan here and used it all the time on Zach. He was definitely a nappy rash boy, Oscar has been less so!

  10. How cute does P look! I love bepanthan in the house, me and Jordan both have tattoos and so had a stash in the house before Harrison ever came along, but it turns out it’s just as good for bums as it is for scabby tats!