If you're new around here you won't have seen that we're actually looking to buy a new house, it's worth mentioning as it's the reason why we wont be making any major changes to our current house. However, if you're not so new here, you'll know I am so fickle with decor and interiors, I'm constantly browsing pinterest boards and therefore my taste is forever changing, thus me wanting my house to follow suit. It's idealistic, I don't have the creativity nor the funds to be constantly evolving my house to fit with trends. So, apart from being slightly stuck in a rut until we move and I get to unleash my desire on a brand new house, I had to think a little differently. Changing my house, without changing my house. A near on impossible task you might think.

If this was a movie, you would have surely seen a light bulb above my head switch on. Desenio. We'd worked with Desenio last year and I absolutely adored their stuff, it's very contemporary and very me, I can't really see myself looking for prints anywhere else now, especially given the wide selection they have. I'd had a quick scour on their site and to nobodies surprise I was already adding things to my basket, they grasps the trends fast and that makes it great for a fickle follower like me. If something was going to help me jazz up our living room, and at the same time avoid having to frog tape doors and be a slave to cutting in, then I was all for it. As was John as I think he is fed up of the sight of B&Q.

The prints I went for this time are a little different, I quite like the theme of having no real theme. I really love a bit of everything and the mish-mash effect goes really well in our house, maybe because our lives are quite mish-mash too. It also didn't make sense to me to go for a cohesive colour or look, as we are intending to move this year and if we do move, then I want the prints to be versatile. They don't have to be in a living room, they're fit in every room at each season, which I think is key and a complete mistake I've made in the past. Plus, all neutral is a tad boring for me if I'm brutally honest.

One of my typical fatal flaws when buying prints, is never managing to pick up the correct frame sizes. I can't tell you the amount of times I've rocked up to Ikea, with all the best intentions of finding the right frame for that sitting pretty print at home, to return with the complete wrong dimensions. Maybe it's the constant conversions between inches, cm and every other metric, or the fact I'm not very observant - but I always, always, muck it up. I could show you the pile of frames sitting in storage, all beautiful in their own rite but all without anything to display because I can't cope. This month however, I broke the habit of a lifestyle and thanks to Desenio homing in to my scatty ways, you can actually grab frames on their site too, and wait for it, they use the exact same measurement format as they do for the prints, so even the likes of little old me could handle it all - genius.

Quite rightly so, my prints are hands down my most asked question whenever they're featured across my social media. If I capture a glimpse of them on Instagram stories, I'm messaged repeatedly asking where they're from, it still baffles me people haven't heard of Desenio sometimes as I genuinely wouldn't look elsewhere for prints. I suspect you'll be seeing a lot more of the snazzy monstera  leaves, and my flocking flamingo as they'll be one of the first things I pop up in our new house. Pictures on the wall help make a house a home, whether you're renting and stuck not being able to decorate properly, a couple of command hooks and you're away, or if like me, you refuse to fork out on more tins of paint, a swift change up is all you need. It has made such a difference to our living room and I'm already eyeing up more ready for when we're in our new house. If you're thinking about snapping up some pieces from Desenio, the code 'babiesandbeauty25' gives you 25% off posters* between 13th-15th February. 

*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters or frames


  1. They are lovely prints, and I hadn't heard of Desenio either - I am off to check them out now!

  2. These prints are gorgeous. We need a new look in our house, off to check them out!

  3. I do love a good print and these look lovely. Will go check them out x

  4. These prints are lovely and give a lovely refresh. X

  5. These are gorgeous, I love how a print can completely transform a room!