Oh wow, what a year, what an absolute year. 365 days of Patrick, we've had our ups and my goodness have we had some downs but boy I wouldn't change it for the world. Your future was so bleak, I cast my mind back to that helpless newborn struggling so much, fighting with every single ounce he had, yet completely oblivious to how many hopes and dreams we had resting on him, it feels so strange to think that was you then and this is you now. You have come far, we all have. A year seems so long though it's gone so fast, you've brought unimaginable happiness and filled a gap we didn't even realise was there. Patrick, you are one.

My boy what a year you have had, from tough beginnings to monthly triumphs, you couldn't make me any more proud if you tried. I wondered about you, I really did, would you hit milestones this year? Would you be 'under developed'? Would our lives be a string of hospital visits and stays? I was wrong, you've shown us just how strong you are that with a second glance nobody would begin to imagine how bleak things looked this time last year. You're such a huge personality in the household, I thought you had shown most of it so far but I was wrong again, each week we see new traits emerging and I wonder to myself if they'll stick around or it's just a thing of the moment. You are feisty, but then again, I guess you have to be when you have an older brother, poor Noah can't play with a single toy without you wanting it from him, it's not mean play you just idolise him - though I don't think he idolises you playing with his train track very much.

This month you got your teeth - HOORAY! I joked quite often about you turning one with no teeth, but alas just at eleven months old your first tooth broke through, no sooner had we finished dancing around the kitchen did we notice number two bursting at the gums too and just a mere week later we have two top teeth that have just emerged. It explains the sleeping rough patch we had for a few nights, which made me remember not to take those nights of full sleep for granted again. You're still just a teeny tater tot, 9-12 months fits you perfectly still though bottoms can tend to fall down sometimes, I think you'll be a little shorty like your brother and it'll take a few years for your bottom half to catch up with your top - but that's ok, it means these shorts will still fit next summer (ha!). We've waved goodbye to weaning, it's officially over, the blender is no more and you eat just as we do, there isn't a thing you wont try though you've suddenly turned your back on strawberries which is an odd one as Noah absolutely devours these. We celebrated your birthday with a trip to Sundown Adventureland, I've never heard you so quite, you were in awe. You especially loved the Santa ride as there were so many lights, that makes this Christmas mad mama extremely happy. We had a lovely day and the weather stayed perfect for us, being a midweek day it was completely deserted which meant having the huge indoor soft play area to yourself - both of you were incredibly impressed.

So my son, another year has passed, I can't wait to see how much has changed this time next year and it feels so strange to be bidding goodbye to your monthly updates now, I'll see you in six months time!

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