I'm a pretty opinionated women, as I'm sure if you follow me on social you will know. So of course, it's natural that through life as a parent, I see things that others are doing that I really don't like. Needless to say that doesn't mean what they're doing is wrong, it just means we have different views on different things and guess what, that is ok. If we lived in a world where everyone had the same opinions, thoughts and feelings, life would be extremely boring and I'm guessing if you are here reading this - that you are a little intrigued as to what on earth has been grinding my gears lately.

Soft play is not a babysitter.
I spoke about this briefly in my Bluestone Wales review, it has to be my ultimate pet hate as a parent. It's a rare occasion I will take the boys to soft play, in fact, Patrick has never visited the squishy surfaced delight that is a play zone and this exact reason is why we are infrequent in our visits. Far, far too many parents use soft play as some kind of child sitter - as if when the shoes are off and the little ones run free that's it, parental duties are switched off and forgotten about. I know of course the whole point of these places is so children can explore independently but for example if an area is specifically designed for under 2's and your child is a boisterous six year old - get off your bottom and get them the hell out of there. It's not okay and if said child dives in on top of my 15 month old thus making him cry, again, you're going to be greeted with one seriously angry parent at your table. Just recently we were at Alicante airport, and there was some play equipment for children inside, it was deserted so I let Noah play freely whilst I stood beside him just in case he needed help with anything and so I was on hand for the inevitable 'Mum, I need a wee' call. Within ten minutes his play was interrupted by another family of three children, not an issue, my son knows how to play well and share. He would make loops of going down the slide, back up the climbing wall, down the slide, back up.. you get the memo, until each time he reached the top some little sh*t would shout 'NO, YOU GET DOWN YOU' and block him from going down the slide. Noah being the well behaved boy I've brought him up to be would stand to the side and just wait politely for the boy to get distracted so he could have his turn, eventually I brought Noah away as I'm certain he was one more slide go from getting a push or a shove from said little turd. I'm not sure I could have tolerated that. Parents, WATCH YOUR CHILDREN for gods sake. It's not difficult. Although at one point, the childs Mother more than heard what he was up to and didn't bat an eyelid *glares*.

Smoking around Children.
Something else I've touched on recently. I have literally zero tolerance for it, I know smoking is a habit and one that's incredibly hard to break but I don't see why children who never signed up for the addiction, have to face the health consequences of a parents actions. Smoking outside hospitals and doctors surgeries come a very close second to this, those places are full of people with already poor health and when they exit the last thing they want is a plume of smoke in their face. At the hospital I birthed Patrick, the maternity ward is right over the main entrance and though there are at least six signs, you wouldn't believe how many still hover right under the window to get their fix rather than moving a mere 10 metres away - it's a completely selfish act and one I really do detest.

The milestone questions.
If upon meeting me or knowing my family online, you're immediately asking what my children can and can't do - we're probably not on the same wavelength. I find it the most bizarre thing when strangers ask what your child is doing 'Is he a good sleeper?' 'Has he started walking yet?' I'm never sure what the intentions of such queries are, I mean if you ever have to answer no you're more than likely going to feel a little down or be forced to give a witty remark in order for them to feel less awkward about the incredibly intrusive question they've asked you. It's all a bit touchy and I'd rather people just stick to the 'How old is he?' 'What's his name?'.

Parent and child parking spaces.
It's quite simple, in fact, so obvious as it's written in the name. Those parking spots, you know with the picture of a parent and a child, well guess what? They are for parents and children. No, not you Stacey because you're at Asda and you are a Mum, I can quite clearly see no child in that empty car seat as I glare at you from my window. And Joan I know there aren't too many spaces free and you've circled the car park twice, but guess what, you still don't have a child in the back so could you circle again? It's really not rocket science, yet parents are made to feel bad and somewhat lazy for wanting to use those spots themselves. For me it wouldn't matter if the spaces were at the store entrance or the complete opposite side of the parking lot, it's about the sheer size of the spaces, when you're struggling to get a newborn in and out with a bulky car seat it's incredibly hard in your average spaces, especially if the Audi driver next to you never learnt how to stay in the lines.


  1. Oh my goodness I totally agree! With all of these statements. People are forever asking is bear doing such a thing yet. Recently, I was asked is he walking yet and I said no He can cruise though, this was then followed by "is he a fat baby cos fat babies struggle to walk as quick as others" or "how many teeth has it got cos they usually get those first or they start walking first" like please keep out of it. He's not walking but that's none of your business. I also went into Tesco once to complain about the number of non-parents parking in parent and child spaces. I just think it's so rude and it's not like we don't need the space to get our protesting little monkeys out to do some shopping. Another thing that annoys me is people smoking outside doorways/entrances. This happens a lot at our local supermarkets too with the workers not just public so you can't even avoid pushing the trolley between the clouds of smoke. It's so rude xx

  2. Completely agree re soft play. We have one in our local mothercare and some parents think they can just dump them in there and carry on shopping and look really put out when the staff tell them they can't leave! Makes my blood boil too!

  3. Do we actually share a brain?! This could have been written by me. I get so infuriated by selfish people stealing parent and child spaces. I HATE parents who do nothing to intervene when at soft play. I LOATHE smoking and actually think it should be judged as child abuse. We went to Legoland last week and there was a mum with a newborn puffing away in the queue, disgusting.

  4. The car parking spaces are so annoying aren't they?! I hate people who park in them when they don't have young children with them. I've seen people with teenagers parking in them as if that's ok! Grr!! x

  5. I literally agree with all of these!! the parking spaces annoy me so much i often see red!! like theyre for mum and babies!! NOT lazy arses!!

  6. So agree with all these, my mega pet hate is seeing people smoking over their child's buggy, poor child can't get away from the smoke.

  7. Oh those are all so true. I'd add swearing around young children too (and not just your own) - are they really the first words people want children to learn?