Continuing on from part one , in the evenings we would quite often let Patrick have a late nap so that he could stay up a while later whilst we explored the arenal. It's one of my favourite parts of visiting Javea as I have such strong memories from my childhood there. We found our definite favourite bar / restaurant that I'm sure we will frequent in, in the years to come. Night time however was definitely a bit chillier, by no means was it cold but I always brought a light jacket for the boys as the wind would really make an appearance, if anything it was a welcome relief from the searing temperatures during the day.

Patrick loved the beach, it was his first time ever having real sand between his toes and to my surprise he didn't attempt to eat it, the struggle was more trying to stop him darting out from beneath the shade and onto the scalding sand. Noah loved building sandcastles, for a boy that is digger and construction obsessed you can imagine that having his diggers on the beach meant he was truly in his element.

I think we picked the perfect time to travel there as it was like a ghost town, barely any tourists at all which is just what I like and yet all shops and supermarkets were open as usual, in comparison to visiting in August last year when it really was absolutely crammed as a lot of Spanish like to holiday there themselves. My parents are currently at the villa now, and I wont lie, I'm very jealous. Me and John are in the process of booking a child free long weekend there in September, now we've both managed to get the right dates booked off as annual leave, I just long to have another holiday countdown in my head. Back to our holiday, both boys slept incredible during our time even though Patricks cough did come back, I'm guessing the sun really took it out of him during the day which helped him push through the night. Noah as always was nothing short of fantastic, he's so easy to travel with and has learnt quite a lot of words in Spanish now - I can't wait to expand on it with him.

Flying home was a little more stressful than the flight out, mainly due to being delayed. Alicante airport handle the whole security and check in process SO much better than UK airports as that part was bedlam at East Midlands. What we found most frustrating was the departure boards just saying 'Delayed' as opposed to an actual time for our delay, it ended up being around an hour and a half, which in hindsight really isn't too bad. Patrick was getting a bit fractious by the time we boarded however which meant again as soon as we began to taxi down the runway he fell fast asleep in my arms - as did Noah beside us. Both boys slept for around half of the flight, which definitely eased the pressure. We were relieved to be home, as I think anyone is when travelling away from their comforts, though I am already so eager to be back. The grass is always greener ey?


  1. The picture of the deep blue sky with the palm trees is great, looks a lovely place to visit 😀

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