I adore the summer months, not nearly as much as Christmas but nonetheless it's still up there with my favourite time of year. There is something about the sun being out that lifts everyones spirits, as though the whole of England is a little bit happier with some blue sky. Summer for me also opens a lot of doors with opportunities of what we can get up to with the boys, lets be honest, nobody wants a picnic in the park during January do they? I feel that bit more free to explore because more often than not, you're going to have weather on your side. Last year I blogged both my festive and autumnal bucket lists, and they seemed to go down really well with you all - so here we are again.

My previous bucket lists served a really good purpose for me, in that they acted as little reminders, particularly on weekends when we didn't have any plans I could run back here, check on what I'd wrote and would think 'ahhh, of course, lets go!'. I'm hoping my Summer bucket list shall do the same, and I'm giving myself until the end of August to get everything done, as always some are a little far out and others are very safe options but anything we don't manage to do can always be added onto next year.

  • Holiday without the children.
  • Visit a UK beach.
  • Finally get the back garden exactly how I want it.
  • Visit Sundown Adventureland
  • Have a BBQ
  • Picnic at the park
  • Visit the Zoo
  • Make our own ice-lollies. 
  • Manage to keep plants alive.
  • Book a stay-cation.

So though it might not look like there is much on our list, a lot of them are pretty expensive ideas so I'm trying to be frugal as well as practical. We're really on the verge of booking a child free holiday, me and John rarely do anything without the boys, so I don't feel too guilty, we've had approval from both my Mum and Nan that they'll happily watch the boys so we can fingers crossed manage 4 nights away in September. The garden is probably my second highest up there, I really want to get it perfect so we can spend as much time as possible out there, our neighbours have the most beautiful garden and it's definitely got me wanting to whip out those gardening gloves and get to work, I wont lie, I am no Charlie Dimmock but a girl can try and that's exactly what I intend to do. More simple ideas such as picnicking at the park and having a BBQ might seem trivial, but the picnic will be extremely nostalgic as last time we did so, Patrick was only a newborn and it will be so contrasting to see him running around this time. As for the barbecue, we don't even own one at the minute, I'm not a massive meat lover, though I am willing to try and find a few veggie alternatives so we can enjoy that real summer smell of it cooking away in the garden.

Do you have a bucket list this summer? What are you hoping to achieve?


  1. Love the 'manage to keep our plants alive' one lol 😂- think I'd definitely fail on that basis!

  2. Ah this has got me so excited for the summer! Love your list and I'm so gonna steal some!! Xx

  3. This is helping me get so excited for the summer to come Haha! As you know, we're off to Cornwall for a family holiday in September but until then we definitely want to take advantage of the weather & days out more. Southport for the day is on my list & a farm near me that you can feed the animals and stuff, I think bear would love it. Living the dream with your child free hol though Haha! So jelly :) xx

  4. Love these, we've done quite a few of these already but would love to go to the zoo, don't think I could quite leave little to go on holiday yet! Hopefully we get some decent weather this summer!

  5. Good luck achieving all of these! Some of them I'm sure will be easy such as the BBQ and picnic :)

  6. I'm right there with the "keep the plants alive"!
    As I'm having a foot op at end of July, my list will would have on it to try and rest it even with the children around all the time!

  7. haha i am so bad in the garden its become a bit of a standing joke! lol