I once saw a video, that I've included below that truly puts your career into perspective and I say career because I think so many of us out there find 'jobs', something that gets you by, brings in the pennies but when it's going to be a job you're spending such a vast amount of your life doing, surely it should be something you love? It can be a hard task for anyone; finding the job you want and that fits in with your life. So many people compromise, and end up in jobs that don’t really make them happy. Ever had that conversation where sooner or later someone says “ least it pays the bills”? Maybe you said it yourself, or thought it? I know I have sometimes after a hard day, but I know deep down those days are few and far between and I fortunately love my job. But, that's not always the case.

This particularly isn't the case for working mums, or young mums looking to return to work. All too often, the tendency is to find something, anything that will fit around your family responsibilities and busy life, because as we say bills have to paid and for some simply staying at home taking care of the children just isn't enough or they can't afford to do so and that isn’t wrong at all, but it doesn’t have to be that way, some super simple tips to help you get that bit closer to ditching the job and finding the career

Update Your Job Skills

The best way; is to ensure that, instead of just taking any job you can get, you make sure your skills are up to date and that your CV reflects that, giving you the best possible chance of being considered for that job you set your heart on, instead of that job that just ‘pays the bills’.

Modernise your CV and Job Applications
But how do our CV’s get out of date? How do the skills we worked so hard for, become less impressive to potential employers over time? Well...times change, and things move on, nowhere more so than in office jobs, where software, particularly Microsoft Office software is regularly upgraded and updated. People who work with technology, or people looking for office jobs, especially working mums, or young mothers looking to return to work after a break, simply have to keep up to date with changes to software such as Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Learn latest Microsoft Office versions
The up-to-date certification you had back in 1997, in a far less competitive jobs market was ideal. Now however, twenty years down the line; the 1997 version of Microsoft Office is a distant memory, and the jobs market is regularly flooded with young people who have had much more relevant and robust training in the more modern versions of Microsoft Office, and have the certificates to prove it.
Keeping up with the competition is essential for young mums and mums returning to work. It takes a few days to update your Microsoft Office knowledge in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook. If you ensure you take quality training and get accredited certificates, any doubt an employer has over the relevance of your skills will be removed. Find out about Accredited Microsoft Office Training from a London Microsoft Certified Academy.

Experience is a natural advantage in job market
Now add your advantage of experience over your younger and more inexperienced rivals and you stand in a good place to get the job interview and ultimately the job.
Many agencies and employers test potential candidates at an early stage, in order to ascertain their levels of competence with the office software of today. Therefore, it is worth taking a little time to prepare for this before being caught out. You can ensure that you stand head and shoulders above the competition, which is what is needed to get those desirable family friendly and well paid roles.

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  1. I think when you're on maternity leave it's easy to feel like you've got a bit rusty. I agree staying on top of tech and software is a great tip!

  2. I was training for a new career when I got pregnant with my first, then I just didn't have time to complete :( Now i have 3 jobs plus my blog but none of it is a career (fingers crossed the blog becomes one!)

  3. very informative post! I stopped working when i had my first and have yet decided what i want in life, besides being a mother.. i dont even know how it jump back into work let alone find a career

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