Worries Every Parent Has

As new parents, you have so many worries, from the very second you see those two lines, even before hand when you're trying to conceive, it's worry after worry. People say it gets easier, I don't think it does, there just get to be new things to worry about. Even with subsequent children the worry doesn't go away, you just become more confident in yourself and sure of your thoughts. It's natural to worry, if you didn't, then I'd be worried (Worry worry worry). I feel I'm not alone in sharing a few of the worries that I think we all have as parents.

1. Are they breathing?! I would love to see a tally of how many new mums and dads have woken up staring at their babies chest, feeling the huge wave of relief as you see it inflate and deflate. Still, it's not going to stop you waking up again in forty five minutes to check again is it?

2. Have they got wind? Who knows. Maybe they just burped once after this feed, or not at all, but you're sure as hell going to think their tummy is so full of gas and pain so you must pat their back at least 50 times. And what if they burp to much? *Googles, is it normal for a baby to burp ten times?*

3. When will they poo? It's been 37 hours, 32 minutes and 12 seconds since they last pooed, not that you're counting. But seriously when will it happen. You've cycled their legs (whatever that means) for what feels like hours, but still no sign. The health visitor has shrugged it off and you're at your wits end. You're ready to call the other half home from work, just before a giant shit explosion up their back, that leaves you wishing they'd gone 38 hours.

4. Are they feeding enough? Are they feeding too much? It's hard to feel confident in the amount you're baby is guzzling when the numbers on the back of the formula tub say you're both doing it all wrong. But who cares? If baby is happy and gaining, then you're doing it exactly right. The person who wrote those guidelines doesn't have your child, so can't possibly know what is right for them.

5. They've slept too much! You'd think after how much sleep deprivation we suffer as parents, when your little one decides to sleep for a longer period you'd revel in it. Oh no, I take you back to point one. In fact, you'll contemplate waking baby up because surely it's not safe to go that long without feeding? In reality, it is, if baby was hungry, they'd wake up.

It's tricky as new parents to know what's right and what isn't, there is so much conflicted advice out there. But I think even if you had a team of professionals on hand 24/7 to answer every question you had, we'd still worry, because that's the nature of parenting and unfortunately that's it now for the rest of your days!


  1. So true! Think I went through all of these when Benjamin was a newborn. I still panic about him breathing and have to check up on him! Great post x

  2. yes! it was only earlier I was talking to a friend about not being able to sleep for fear my firstborn would stop breathing.

  3. I totally agree, it is perfectly normal for new mums to worry! It comes with the parenting packaging lol!

    However, if the worrying is becoming excessive (I don't mean this in your case of course, just more as a general point that I wish I had been more aware of myself) post natal anxiety is actually a thing, similar to PND so worth getting checked out if extreme. Not to put a serious cloud over a lighthearted post or to take away from your point at all, I just honestly think it is worth new parents being aware of it!

    Great post though, and all so true- especially the exploding nappies haha- love it! X

  4. Number 1! Yes! My son is 5 and I still check if he's breathing. I'll probably be doing it when he's 20! Thank you, I enjoyed reading that.

  5. Totally agree, I panicked and worried so much with my first, with my second I was more relaxed but it doesn't stop the worry does it! x

  6. The feeding one is spot on! I swear when Harrison feeds normally I think he's taking too much, he slows down and I worry he's not getting enough! It's a never ending circle!

    Great post!
    Kirsty x