January always feels like a time to discover new favourites, perhaps it's because it's a new year, 'new start' all that malarkey so you give up things that aren't working and venture into something new. Or is it because you got some bits for Christmas that you are enjoying having a play with, mines a bit of both. I was lusting after some new beauty bits as I felt I needed a shake up, for the past six months of being a Mum I haven't had time to do much pampering. Though Christmas changed that for me, with having some time off blogging and now that Patrick is in a comfortable routine, I can easily slip away and enjoy some me time in the evenings, thus I have discovered / rediscovered my love for a fair few little products that I can't help but share with you.

First up is the beautiful Lily Flame, Fairy Dust candle, it was on my lust list back in December and luckily for me my little brother spied it and snapped it up for me. I've always loved Lily Flame, their fragrances are more fresh than rich which is something I most definitely look for in a scent, Fairy Dust is no different from that, to me it smells reminiscent of baby powder but sweeter. I truly can't go into much more detail than that without making a complete fool of myself. Their candles not only come in cute little tins but in these beautiful glass jars too, at only £12 each, I always prefer these to Yankee.

Most females shall not be strangers to my second favourites this month, GHDs, particularly since they launched their beautiful copper sets this Christmas, they have really been all over most forms of social media. I have owned ghds since I was around the age of 12, I think my first set got lost or left somewhere and my second set I've had ever since my 14th birthday, they have served me so well and still function well - or so I thought. Until I took a trip to my sisters, used her newer pair and realised that mine were not really doing their magic anymore in comparison, thankfully John listened to my gripes and I found a new pair under the tree this year. They've made me realise just how god damn fantastic they are all over again, making my hair smooth and sleek once more. On the topic of hair comes my second favourite my Tangle Tamer brush, Denman are a brand that has been around for as long as I can remember, and they have kind of mastered what the tangle teaser never did - a handle. I do love my tangle teaser, but using a brush without a real sturdy handle was impractical in my eyes, so I was seriously impressed with this brush. Since having Patrick my hair has been unruly at best, you wouldn't be far off the mark if you noticed my hair and assumed I was growing dread locks, it has been so knotted. Thank fully though these days are long gone with the combination of these two products, I feel like I have my normal hair back again as opposed to my 'postpartum hair'.

Lastly are three skincare bits, I noticed towards the tail end of the year that my skin was seriously having a melt down, I don't really know why because I was wearing no make-up most of the time, so it wasn't due to being caked with product. If I remembered I popped moisturiser on before bed and I kept it generally clean and product free. It wasn't something that sat well with me or something I can pretend I was ok with, I've never suffered with spots and minus occasional dry skin flare ups, I'm usually happy with what my skin is up to. November and December I was not happy with it. Clinique's moisture surge has helped in a big way to combat my dry patches, I've noticed an almost complete improvement minus one stubborn patch that will not go without a fight. So if you have any complete miracle workers for such, do let me know.  First Aid beauty was on my 'to try' list last year, I didn't manage it, but thanks to John paying attention to my lust list I received a few pieces at Christmas, with these facial radiance pads being one of them. I instantly fell in love when they made my face tingle on application - is it just me or could a product be completely redundant, but if it makes your face tingle or sting a little when initially applying it must be doing the world of good? These pads seem to just give my skin that little pick me up, which is so necessary in a dull winter lull. That brings us to my final beauty favourite this month, another Christmas gift, my beloved Aesop lip cream, it's insane how much good this has done for my sorry state for lips. They were cracked, dry and sore, but applying this every single day has worked wonders, I couldn't really wear lipstick as much because it was highlighting how horrendous my lips were, alas that is a problem I face no more thanks to this. It does apply as a cream but I find when I'm slathering it on it turns into an oil texture, something I am not opposed to as I feel it works better that way.

So there you have it, my January beauty favourites. I am trying to incorporate a bit more beauty back onto the blog, as I mean come on it's literally in the title. But also, it's me, I enjoy beauty and a good pamper so it only feels right that occasionally I veer away from Mummy chat and talk more about things as 'Emily'. What things have you been enjoying this month?

*Update* Since writing this post a week ago, I've actually noticed the Moisture Surge seems to be triggering break outs. Which is so unfortunate so I have had to stop using it. Wah!


  1. We have a tangle tamer for indie and it's brilliant - I maaaay use it from time to time on myself haha. Think I need to get one for me! X

  2. Not sure if my last comment worked! I also have GHDs and a Tangle Tamer and a Fairy Dust candle! Love them all! I'll need to try those other bits too! Beth x

  3. LOVE the Fairy Dust candle! It's gorgeous isn't it!

  4. I think for sure i need to get my hands on the fairy dust candle I haven't heard of them before you meationed them. I must admit I really don't use my tangle teaser because it has no handle and it's too much of a faff

    Charlotte x