A lot of people plan a pregnancy in advance, they spend time trying and during that period it can be quite frustrating if nothings happening. These things generally take time and all being well, it will happen. However there are a few things you can do to help prepare your body for what is about to come, and give yourself a little headstart. With these 5 top tips from HARTMANN Direct, your mind, body and soul will be healthy for the challenges ahead!

#1 Pop along to see your doctor - If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is wise to pop along and see your doctor. Talk through any issues or concerns you may have in relation to managing your condition and pregnancy. You also need to check if your immunisations are up to date. Many childhood diseases can cause serious complications for a pregnant woman. Check that your immunisation for chickenpox, German measles (also known as Rubella) and hepatitis B are up to scratch. Stopping contraception is clearly needed too, and that may mean removing the coil, patches or contraceptive rods. You will also be given advice on giving your body time to get back into a menstrual cycle before you start trying to get pregnant.

#2 Clean up your lifestyle - Know that you have the medical side of things sorted, you need to pay closer attention to your lifestyle, exercise choices and diet. If you are carrying a few extra pounds, making the effort to shift them through eating better and exercising more is a wise move. Excess weight can make pregnancy more uncomfortable than it needs to be. Exercising is key as being active before, during and after pregnancy helps your body to physically cope with changes, as well as helping to counteract and manage post-natal depression. Eat oily fish three times a week, enjoy lean meats and more vegetables, and cut down on processed, high fat, high salt and high in sugar foods. The occasional treat won’t hurt! Once you are pregnant, you need to maintain this healthy lifestyle, keeping up with gentle exercise unless your doctor or midwife advises you to stop. And get plenty of rest in pregnancy too.

#3 Consider supplements - Before you take any medication or natural remedies, vitamins or supplements, you must check that they are safe to take whilst trying to get pregnant and in the early weeks of pregnancy. Overdosing on supplements could cause a surge in vitamins and minerals that may have a negative impact on you and your growing baby. Women are advised to increase their intake of folic acid. This helps brain development in the foetus. You should take 400mc daily and you should continue until the 12th week of pregnancy. If you have diabetes or coeliac disease, you may need a higher does but speak with your doctor or midwife first.If you choose to take vitamins and supplements during pregnancy, choose one that is made specifically for pregnant women.

#4 Watch your weight - A significant factor in planning your pregnancy is your weight, being underweight or overweight will have an impact on your pregnancy. In some cases, the resulting complications can be a serious concern. Body Mass Index or BMI is the often-used measurement of acceptable weight to height ratio, although some people refute the measurement. However, it is generally accepted that anyone with a BMI above 30 should seriously consider losing weight before getting pregnant, however this doesn't mean you cannot go on to have a completely healthy pregnancy, it's just advisory. A BMI of less than 18.5 will affect your menstrual cycle, meaning you are possibly not ovulating making getting pregnant difficult.

#5 Rest and relax - Modern living is hectic and busy. It can be stressful and full too, with work and family commitments leaving little time for you to slow down and relax.Stress is an unseen force in many people’s lives. If you are trying to get pregnant, being as relaxed as possible is key to a regular menstrual and ovulating pattern. You may need help to learn to relax again. Try yoga or Pilates, both forms of exercises that tone and strengthen, as well as help the mind and body to relax. Both are great exercises for during pregnancy too!Make changes today Being pregnant creates a surge of hormones that your body will not have encountered before. How you react to these changes during and after pregnancy is not known – until you become pregnant. Pregnancies vary from one to another. Being fit for all your pregnancies, whether it is the first of fourth pregnancy is important. Get fit and healthy – and enjoy your pregnancy.

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  1. Some great tips here, especially the part about cleaning up yor lifestyle, If im honest t was the only thing that kept my pregnancy maniagble. I had pregnancy yoga twice a week, and also did it at home every morning and night, great to help for relaxing as well as pregnancy pilates which was brilliant for strengthing my body.

    Lindsey x

  2. Great tips here - I was overweight so I lost 10kg to have my daughter and we had fertility treatment. Luckily I was healthy as I had HG and lost another 2+ stone and got really poorly.

  3. Great tips. I was the worst for not following #5 and worked in a stressful job until 2 weeks before which wasn't my wisest move. I'm also surprised at how easy #4 was once I found out I was pregnant.

  4. Some good tips here. I must admit my first and third pregnancies were 'accidents', but I did try for my middle child and these are all good points to consider x

  5. Fab tips! I wasn't really prepared for pregnancy in that my eating habits weren't amazing and exercise was very minimal if at all. I wasn't taking any folic acid before I fell pregnant either (but obviously I started the minute I knew as I bought some when I bought the pregnancy test haha) we weren't really actively trying but these are great tips and I know I need to get pregnancy ready when we try for our next haha

    Claire xx