The Bra You Wont Want To Take Off

I think one thing every woman can relate too, is that feeling when you take your bra off. That 'ahhh comfort' kind of feel, well when you're pregnant, your milk comes in or you're breastfeeding that feeling is tripled because let us be real - boobs hurt! Bravado seemed to have cottoned onto that feeling, and have in my eyes, created a bra that gives you the 'Just taken my bra off' feeling all god damn day and it's GREAT! One of the huge bonuses with Bravado is they aren't compromising on style either, you're not just picking up your average white or black option, they have so many colour choices and this garnet one is to die for. It definitely made me feel sassy when I probably didn't look so, and I feel motherhood needs more things like this - feel good products.

Bravado's seamless nursing bra is designed to mould with your changing shape through pregnancy and maternity, with the easy nursing clips, it's simple to use whilst trying to manoeuvre a baby because no woman wants to be muddling around with their bra when you're baby is demanding a feed. Probably one of my favourite features, that I've never come across in any other bra, is the ability to convert it into a non-nursing bra once you've finished breastfeeding. This is absolutely perfect, especially if for some reason BF doesn't work for you, you haven't wasted your money - Bravado have really thought of everything. It comes with the special converter clips as well as some really simple instructions on how to do so. I truly don't think you could ask more from a bra?


  1. Looks great! I stupidly wore the wrong kind of bra when I was breastfeeding and I ended up with mastitis! Sore stuff. This sounds like it's now top of my shopping list for January x

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