Patrick At 5 Months Old

Oh little P, my how you've grown. You have changed so much in such a short period of time, and yet to think in another 5 months you'll be close to one, is crazy. I'll also be about to head back to work which the thought makes me feel sick so we wont think too much about that just yet. So, what are you up to? You're so inquisitive now and really discovering so much, you love to blow raspberries, shout and scream playfully at the top of your voice but you're really not fond if I go out of eyesight, which is becoming quite difficult now you don't nap as much. Speaking of sleep, you had a rocky patch after your 16w jabs and I did wonder if that was it for sleeping through, thankfully though you settled yourself back to the dreamy sleeper you always were and we're getting a good ten to twelve hour sleep from you. I still can't believe I was blessed with a newborn that has slept through the night.

Your relationship with your big brother is strengthening every single day, still so besotted in watching him, he's starting to like that you aren't as fragile anymore and give him some interaction back as you're always chuckling at him or giving off big grins. We've started your weaning journey, you were getting very greedy with milk and wanting another bottle within 20 minutes of your previous, which just couldn't be done giving how reflux-y you are. So far we've tried Sweet Potato, Peas, Broccoli and Parsnip, Peas were definitely your least favourite but as you like your grub you ate it all anyway. I cannot wait to see your delight when you get on to fruit, though we are holding off just yet so you don't develop a sweet tooth - or sweet gum as you still have zero teeth even though teething is completely ravaging you right now.

Size and weight wise, we don't get you weighed as we don't really see the point nor do we want to get caught up obsessing over it which would be easy because I'm sure you're not as big as others your age but that is ok. You're just about making it out of 0-3 and into 3-6, which I wont lie I am glad about because you're still my tiny little peapod for a little while longer. The back to front roll hasn't been mastered yet, but front to back you have down to a tee, though I think sitting up might come first as some days you can manage a minute, other days you resemble the leaning tower of pisa. But, I'm quite happy to let you get through your milestones at your own stage, I want to enjoy you for you, my beautiful little strong P.
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  1. This is so lovely. Such a good idea and a perfect way to look back in the future and remind yourselves what life was like at that time.

  2. Ah what a lovely update. The time is flying! #MarvMondays

  3. Ah what a lovely update. The time is flying! #MarvMondays

  4. He's such a cutie! Lovely big eyes! My little one is nearly 3 months old, and I can't believe how quickly they change from teeny newborns to 'proper' babies! x #MarvMondays