Childrens Unisex Stocking Fillers

Hellllo gift guide number two. This week we've got a unisex childrens' stocking filler guide, as I'm doing a separate stocking filler gift guide for adults, I wanted to try and cover all ages and genders in just one for little ones, as lets face it who wants my blog full of every kind of gift guide? Most, if not all of these bits are from Mothercare or ELC, mainly because I feel if you're buying stocking fillers, you don't want to be shelling out £3 in five different stores for delivery, as then the price of your stocking is becoming more than the presents. Also for me, stocking filler presents are under £10, to some that might seem tight but if you've got a few bits in there the price really does start to add up.

1. Bath Squirters - I've grabbed some of these for both boys stockings, I particularly love this set from Tesco as you can split it up. Bath squirts are fun no matter what age I think, I wont lie I've definitely got John with these when we've been bathing the boys. They're relatively cheap and quite large so can bulk out any stocking.

2. Stacking Cups -ELC have these in two selections, a pastel colourway or a bold and bright colourway. Stacking cups are always a firm favourite in this household because you can take them in the bath, use them for pouring skills, and of course, build towers - I can't tell you how much fun Noah had as a little one knocking down Johns cup towers.

3. Puzzles - These puzzles are perfect for the preschooler stocking. I know Noah is way past the four piece puzzles and finds them a little boring now. These sets have between 6-8 pieces, are bright bold and transport - certainly my toddlers favourite thing right now.

4.Rattle - Rattles are pretty perfect for baby stocking fillers, particularly this Oball one from ELC. It's incredibly sensory and so easy to grasp with 28 finger holes. ELC also say it's 'virtually indestructible' which is a huge bonus in my eyes.

5. Snap Cards - Playing snap is so much fun, although it can be a bit tricky to understand for little ones, these bright and beautiful animal snap cards solve that problem easily. They're only £4 which I think is a total bargain,

6. Harmonica - Probably a toy I will hugely regret putting in Noahs stocking, for the sheer noise of them. But how cute is this dinosaur harmonica? Musical instruments tend to be aimed towards smaller babies, but I feel this is that little bit more grown up and a fab toddler stocking filler.

7. Chocolate Coins - What is Christmas without them?

8. Santa Socks - Another Christmas staple and something I always received in my stockings as a child, socks. I thought these little quirky Santa socks fit the bill perfectly and would go well in a boy or girls stocking.

9. Clementine - It looks like I saved all the Christmas traditional stocking fillers, till last, as a Clementine is definitely one of them. You've got to even all that chocolate out a little bit?

What do you normally receive in your stocking, or any super ideas I can steal for the little ones?
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