A Festive Bucket List

It's done, it's happening, this is my first official Christmas (sans gift guides) post on the blog, and what better way to start than a bucket list, explaining all of my intentions for the festive period. Bare in mind, for me Christmas isn't a day, it's a way of life and it's the way of life from around now till January. I've already long since started my shopping and I can't wait for everyone else to catch up with the Christmas spirit. SO, seeing as I really enjoyed doing my Autumn bucket list  as well as reading some others me and two of my favourite blogging ladies Amy & Claire all decided to create our festive editions (make sure you check theirs out) and these are the things I would really like to get done this festive period.
  • A Christmas Eve box 
  • Have all Christmas shopping done by Dec 10th
  • Start a new festive tradition
  • If weather permits - go sledging (BOO for no snow)
  • Take some cheesy festive family photos
  • Matching Christmas eve pjs
  • Make homemade hot chocolate
  • Family movie evening X4
  • Take Noah to see Santa (Not sure he'll like it though) (Update: Point blank refused)
  • Have a duo 'wrapping night' with wine & boxsets
It's not much but I didn't want to set ourselves loads to do as this period is so busy for us. We have Noahs Birthday, Christmas and then Johns, so there is always lots to do. As before, I'll mark them off as I go and I'm certain if you follow me on social media you'll see some snaps when I complete them. 

Have you got anything you really want to get done this Winter?
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  1. Ah I cannot wait to see your cheesy photos, you're going to have an amazing Christmas with all these fun things planned!

  2. I love your bucket list! I really need to try some of those, especially cheesy family photos and home making hot chocolate, I bet that will be fab! Please share the recipe when you do ;) I'm so excited! Having a baby definitely makes it much more exciting I think, can't wait haha! xx

  3. I love a Christmas post! Like you, I start celebrating Christmas as early as possible, and have been holding back on my Christmas posts since September!! This sounds like a great list, and you've inspired me to write my own now :-) thanks for sharing #Marvmondays

  4. I'd love to finish my shopping early this year, I've started so there is hope! #MarvMondays

  5. Two years ago we finished wrapping on Christmas Eve, last year we finished on the 23rd and this year I am aiming to finish wrapping by the 22nd!I tend to not start shopping till December either! #MarvMondays

  6. I love your festive bucket list :-) I saw yours and was inspired to get moving with mine too! I wish we had enough snow to go sledging, I bet Noah will love it if you do! Thanks for linking this up to #MarvMondays, loving all the festive posts :-) Emily

  7. Sounds like a great list - oh I would love or if yo be snowy enough for sledding!! Keeping everything crossed. Stopping by from #MarvMondays