Baby Christmas Gift Guide

*Squeals* Okay, it is THAT time of year, yes, gift guide time. And this year we're kicking things off with our baby guide, in my eyes baby is anything from 0-12 months, so I've got that in mind when I have picked these products. I truly forgot how hard it is to buy for a baby myself when picking some things up for Patrick but hopefully if you're stuck in a rut too, this will help you out.

1. B. Toys Keys - I think some toy keys are a must have during every childhood, I particularly love these from B Toys, as they're bright and colourful as well as being pretty damn sturdy so will easily take some good gnawing from teething gums. They have lots of little buttons that give off your usual sounds, as well as a strap so they can be attached anywhere. They're perfect in my eyes and will be under our tree for P this year.

2. Mothercare Music Makers - I love this little set of instruments from Mothercare, I had to pick it up when I saw it, for £15 it's a bargain considering you're actually getting four toys. You could even open it up and use them as stocking fillers, which I am tempted to do. Again, extremely well built so will handle being bashed around by a baby with no troubles. Mothercare always kill it at Christmas.

3. GFLH Rattles - Gifts for little hands are a shop I didn't know about till they reached out on twitter. But they have some beautiful bits so definitely check them out. These little rattles are just adorable, and P's stocking will be featuring a couple, plus they are wooden and I'm a total sucker for wooden toys.

4. Kiki Moon Blanket - Blankets are a fail safe present for little ones in my eyes, and I find they last for so long. I have tons of blankets P uses that Noah had, so I'd always recommend spending that little bit more for quality. Kiki Moon are exactly that, quality. Their blankets come beautifully gift wrapped in a luxurious box and you can choose from 4 beautiful designs. They're soft and gentle on babies skin, the perfect little present for the baby who has everything.

5. Edushape Sensory Ball - We've stocked up on quite a few of these for Patrick as after Christmas I want to make sensory play part of our everyday routine. These balls are perfect, they're full of different textures, stimulate visual senses and they can grow with them as they'll be great for ball games as they grow up. I will say though, for a house with barely any storage they are a pain to hide ha.

6. B Toys Cars - B Toys really have come out of the woodwork this year and brought some fantastic bits to the table. By far one of my favourites is this quad of cars, not just ordinary cars though. They're big and chunky, which make them much easier to handle for smaller hands, they're incredibly sensory too as they make sounds, have bells inside and are just generally pretty fab. I know P will love this for months to come.

7. Lost My Name Book - I was thrilled when Lost my name got in touch for the boys to have a personalised book each, but not half as thrilled as when I received them. They are unbelievably beautiful, the illustrations are so detailed and flawless, and I love the idea that they're helping little ones to learn how to spell their name. They're such fabulous keepsakes that are perfect for any age. Patricks is that bit more special as it's so rare to find his name on anything these days!
8. Sensory Ball - Another sensory ball, a little different to the others, it's small and chunky and has six other balls which are attached to it, I found this in TKMaxx, who are one of my go-tos for Christmas presents, so make sure you scour your local one as I'm certain you'll find some gems.

9. B Toys Whirly Pop - My absolute favourite out of the bunch is this fabulous suction toy from B Toys. It's so handy to stick onto the highchair, or a bumbo / snug, and is so interactive for little ones. It features a dome, that whirls around when pressed giving off lights and sounds, as well as a little piano playing nursery rhymes. It's so lovely and I don't often see suction toys as beautiful and advanced as this. I can't wait to see Ps face when he has his first play with it.

SO, there you have it. My baby picks this year, I hope I've helped if you're stuck what to buy your little one, or the baby in the family. Please do leave a comment below if you've found anything that stands out to you.

*Some products where gifted to me 

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  1. Great christmas gift guide! As I mentioned the other day on twitter, im really struggling for baby ideas this year so this is great. Lots of inspo here to look at :-) Emily

  2. I have been struggling with ideas lately. I have spent £50 so far on generic building blocks/musical toys/chuckle ball/ball pool etc, but have been wanting to get him just a few more bits and pieces. I can't justify going too crazy though as he will only be 9 months. I am going to get him the two sensory balls as he has absolutely nothing like that yet, so thank you so much for this! X

    1. Oh my this was me and my boyfriend last year with our little one. His 20 months next month and we are still racking our brains for what to get him! 😂😂😂

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