Waterwipes - Review

If you're a parent who uses baby wipes, as opposed to cotton wool, I'm almost certain you will have heard of Water Wipes. When Noah was little, they were around but very expensive and not half as readily available as they are now, which was our main reason for not using them. However times have changed and after noticing them in my local supermarkets, Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons - and seeing them on offer many times, I was delighted when I was asked to try some samples.

With P we've always used cotton wool and water, in all honesty just because that's what was recommended and used during his NICU stay and we've always stuck to it, knowing that wipes can contain many chemicals that we just didn't want to put on his newborn skin. P also has (now almost non existent thanks to Childs Farm) very sensitive skin, with a mixture of baby acne or eczema - which one we're not entirely sure, so we were thrilled to see that Water Wipes are the only baby wipes on the market to have been approved by the National Eczema Association. Safe in the knowledge of that, along with the fact they are made from solely water and a teeny amount of grapefruit extract, we decided to try them on Patricks skin. They actually came at a very handy time, because P has recently suffered quite severely with chickenpox and when he has a bowel movement, trying to clean it all with cotton wool was becoming a little too much for him, so we whipped out the Water Wipes and waved goodbye to his changing mat troubles. He was clean in half a minute, and we knew they were gentle on his skin.

What I also love about Water Wipes, was that they are full of moisturise, without being too 'wet' if that makes sense? I'm confident you'll understand my drift, but some wipes are just very soggy and others are far too dry to clean properly, well Water Wipes were the exact in between that we wanted. So we really couldn't ask for any more, we're now fully converted and will be purchasing a large box when our samples run out.

What do you use to wipe your babies bottom? Are you a baby wipe-phobe?

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  1. We use Water Wipes and absolutely love them. We didnt use them the first time round with Ella as we didnt know about them (I dont think they were really around much as you say) but I wish they were as she used to get nappy rash all the time. Im so glad they are around now as we use them with the little guy rather than anything else. They really are worth the slightly higher price in comparisson to other brands as they are so much better for little ones skin :-) Emily