P You're Three Months Old

Okay so forgive me for being incredibly delayed and a bit generally crappy at beginning Ps updates. When I had Noah I pretty much updated most weeks or months until he was one, but if I'm honest I was frightened when I had P that he'd be quite delayed as it's not uncommon in premature babies, especially as he has spent a few weeks of his life in hospital already, he might need a bit of time to catch up. That being said, I was completely wrong and he's been just exactly where he should be, what a star. So lets get stuck in shall we?

Personality - Since around week eight this has completely pushed through, you're not just a baby or newborn anymore, you're Patrick, the smiley-est, happiest little soul I ever did know. When we were expecting you everyone said we wouldn't have a baby as cheerful or as good as Noah, how wrong they were, you're content doing almost anything and it only takes a glance of your brother to have you in absolute hysterics. You adore him and he's rather fond of you too.

Sleep - Normally people tread carefully mentioning sleep to new parents, no need here, you sleep like a dream. I feel so fortunate to be getting full nights sleep, you have your last bottle between 6:30-8pm and then we don't hear a peep till morning. Moving you to sleeping on your front definitely helped, I think you like the warmth on your tummy, we've never needed to co-sleep or really have one sleepless night yet. I hope you're not luring us into a false sense of security. During the day when you caught chickenpox you were sleeping almost all the time, but that has phased back out now you're well and you usually have a nap every couple of hours.

Feeding - It's crazy to think back to the NICU days of numbers and feeding targets to hit, how I'd lay awake and worry about what to do if you wouldn't take the extra 10ml. Well what a silly fool because you are a real greedy guts - exactly like your brother was you just cannot get enough of the milky goodness. You know as soon as your nappy has been changed that within 2 minutes a bottle should be approaching you, and if it isn't don't we know about it. You even get pretty damn pi***d off when we try winding you. You're still taking 7oz every four hours during the day.

Weight - Second parent syndrome that I haven't taken you to be weighed since you're 8 week check. You were 10lb11oz then, and I'm certain you're around 12-13 now. You haven't outgrown 0-3m clothing yet even though you're actually 15 weeks as I write this, in a lot of your leggings you still fit comfortably in 'Up to 1m'. You're definitely still teeny as I still get questioned and coo's over you whenever we're out.

Milestones - Well well well, you're doing fantastic. I did fear you'd be delayed a little, and especially as we were always lucky with Noah being quite advanced at each stage, but you're definitely giving him a run for his money. You can already sit unaided for a few seconds, you're head is held high and you absolutely love tummy time - you can't get enough of it. You're incredibly nosy now and love to have a good gawp around (wonder who that is from) we even got a roll out of you last week.

Overall in just this short 12 weeks, it feels like you've always been here, I cannot wait to watch you grow especially with your brother, he's absolutely desperate for you to be able to play and keeps saying 'Patricks big now, you're such a good boy'. I look back over pictures and I can't believe how far you've come. Keep doing us proud my little peapod.
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  1. He is so amazing! Such a strong little man! 😍👶

  2. Wow what a little star! It sounds like little Paddy is doing fantastically well. There is definitely something about second child syndrome when it comes to weighting them and them doing things quicker (I think!). I dont feel so bad now about not getting this little guy weighted regularly now ;-) Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays