Nimble Babies Milk Buster - Review

Are you fed up of cloudy, faded milk bottles? Well I certainly was. We'd only had Ps bottles for 8 weeks, and when I visited my parents one day and looked at the bottles I bought to keep at their house (which have only been used a couple of times) I was shocked to really see how faded and old my bottles looked in comparison, and actually how they had a not unpleasant but definitely noticeable odour. We use the Tommee Tippee standard bottles, we did with Noah and they always worked for us - they're easy to clean or so we though. That's when Nimble Babies got in touch after reading about my cloudy bottle annoyance on Twitter and they alerted me to their fantastic product. The name drew me in instantly if I'm totally honest 'Milk Buster', it was exactly what we needed, it was specifically designed to detach milk fats and proteins from plastics, unlike washing up liquid which is more aimed at food grease. I'm actually pretty shocked I haven't seen any other baby bottle wash similar on the market, and even if I did I certainly wouldn't be switching now because we were very impressed.

The milk buster is very simple to use, you simply fill the bottle half full with water, give it two sprays of the product, pop the lid on the bottle and shake. If your bottles are a little older and have more stubborn stains or smells, you can give it a good scrub too just for good measure. I instantly noticed the difference just using the first step. In my picture above notice the difference in colour between the bottle and the teat - with the teat yet to be washed with the Nimble Babies Milk Buster.  You can clearly see how well it's cleaned, and it looked as if I had a brand new bottle again, I was very impressed.

What do you use to clean your babies bottles? Have you ever tried the Milk Buster?

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  1. Love this idea! We also used Tommee Tippe bottles with my first and ended up chucking them for new ones when my second came along for this reason. Shall def. try this. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo